Reka Jerma

Jerma, Pirot

Jerma River - the most important information

The river Jerma is a left tributary of the river Nisava, which belongs to the Black Sea basin. Its length is as much as 72.1 km, of which 45.1 km flows through Serbia, while the rest is in Bulgaria. The most important tributary of this river in Serbia is the Zvonačka River. Jerma originates not far from Vlasina Lake in Surdulica, on the Vlasina plateau. This river builds 2 gorges, which the locals call Odorovsko and Vlaško ždrelo, which could not be reached until 1927. Only the construction of the asphalt road enabled access to the wild beauties of the river Jerma and the Poganovski monastery, which is located in its immediate vicinity.

History of the river Jerma
The Jerma River and its gorges were formed during the Tertiary, after the regression of the Senonian Sea (about 65 million years ago) and complex long-term changes in the initial palerelief. According to research, the formation of today's appearance took place in the post-lake Pliocene-Pleistocene phase, as a result of a combined action: tectonic activities, water erosion, denudation and karst processes. Today, a large number of visitors come to this river in the desire to relax and enjoy nature. If you are tired of city noise and want peace and quiet, visit the river Jerma and you will not regret it!

Characteristics of the river Jerma
The river Jerma represents the largest and richest left tributary of the Nisava. The length of Jerma from Klisura to the mouth of the Nisava is 63.5 km, and with the Vučja river - as the source branch - 72.1 km. In its lower course, this river meanders, forming sections on concave banks and forming numerous river islands. The Jerma River receives 61 permanent and 32 periodic tributaries throughout its course, among which the most important are: Jablanica, Zvonačka River and Poganovska River. The bottom of the river valley is narrow, while the sides are steep and covered with dense forest.

How to get to the river Jerma?
  • If your starting point is Belgrade, you can reach this beautiful river in 3 and a half hours by car (via A1 / E75).
  • From the center of Pirot to Jerma you will arrive in less than half an hour (via A4 and Route 223). We have selected for you some of the best rated taxi services in Pirot, which will take you safely wherever you want: Fox Taxi 010/321 111, Flash Taxi 010/234 61 08 and Blu Taxi 010/318 222.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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