Tokyo Tower - the most important information

Welcome to the second-tallest structure in Japan. As the name says, This Tower is located in Tokyo, Japan. You will easily recognize it by its look that resembles Eiffel Tower, painted in orange. The Tower is not just for antenna leasing, but it has become one of Tokyo's main landmarks. 

About Tokyo Tower
The Tower was built in 1958, and it is 333 meters tall. Firstly, this Tower was used for radio and television broadcasting, but it is also a tourist attraction that many visitors explore every year. Unfortunately, its height was incompatible with Japan's planned terrestrial digital transmission of programs, so a new one had to be constructed. That new Tower is called Tokyo Skytree, and it’s tall 634 meters. Still, Tokyo Tower gathers many people to see it. Under the Tokyo Tower, there is a four-story building that contains shops, restaurants, and museums. Visitors can also get to two observation decks. The first one, The Main Observatory, is at 150 meters, and the other one, the Special Observatory, is at 250 meters. The Tohoku earthquake damaged the antenna's tip on March 11, 2011. The Tokyo Tower's height was reduced to 315 meters on July 19, 2012, while the top antenna was rebuilt due to earthquake damage. During the night this Tower gets illuminated and then becomes even more beautiful and interesting for tourists.

What to see at Tokyo Tower?
FootTown is a four-story building located under the Tower. On the first floor, you will find, alongside the main entrance to the Tower, Aquarium Gallery, Tower Restaurant, a FamilyMart convenience store, and a souvenir shop. The second floor hosts four more restaurants. Besides this, you can visit some of the most fun museums.
  • Museum Tokyo - This is a museum with life-size figures, photo exhibits, and artifacts displaying important records confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The Tokyo Tower Wax Museum - This museum, which opened in 1970, features wax figurines transported from London, where they were manufactured. Here, many famous people from all over the world and from different spheres of life can be seen, so you can see Michael Jackson and Einstein at the same spot.
  • Tokyo Tower's Trick Art Gallery - Optical illusions, including paintings and objects that viewers can interact with, are displayed in this gallery.
  • Amusement park - This park is located on the fourth floor of FootTown. This is the place where kids can play and enjoy occasional live performances.
Tickets and opening hours 
  • Opening hours - The Tower is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm. The last entrance is at 10.30 pm.
  • Tickets - For the Main Deck (150m) entrance fee is 1.200 yen and 3.000 yen for the Top Deck Tour.
How to get to Tokyo Tower?
Being located in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, it is very easy to reach Tokyo Tower. 
  • By metro - We recommend you take the metro since is the fastest way to get to the attraction. 
  • By subway - hop on the Mita Subway Line and get off at Onarimon Station. Alternatively, take the Hibiya Subway Line to Kamiyacho or the Oedo Subway Line to Akabanebashi. The Tower is about a five-minute walk from each of these stations.
  • By bus: You can take 703LTD, 706LTD, 707LTD, A-707, or A-72EXP bust to get to your destination.
What should you know before visiting?
You can use an elevator or staircase to get to the decks. 600 steps will lead you to it. You can climb them just on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. On other days, only the elevator will lead you to the decks. Taking the staircase will take you around 20 minutes. But, once you’ve climbed all the 600 steps, you will get a certificate, Staircase Completion Certificate, with the design of mascot Noppon Brothers.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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