Golden Mount - the most important information

The Golden Mount, the Wat Saket temple, is a Buddhist temple inside Wat Saket compound. It is located on the only hill in Bangkok, known as the Golden Mountain.

About the Golden Mount
The artificial hill on which the temple is located was made after a huge chedi collapsed during the construction. That happened because the soft soil could not support the weight, and the structure acquired the shape of a natural hill over the next few decades. The first chedi to be built on the hill was a small one with a relic of the Buddha from Sri Lanka inside of it. The modern temple was built in the early 20th century with Carrara marble. Today, the temple is an important sacred place and a popular tourist attraction where an annual festival is held in November, during Loy Krathong, when the temple is covered with a red cloth.

What to see at the Golden Mount?
There are over 300 steps that lead to the temple. You can take a breath at one of the resting spots and viewpoints while climbing. When you reach the top, you will be able to have a 360-degree view of Bangkok. Inside the temple, you will be able to see many Buddha images, the temple hall, the pagoda, the scripture hall, and the Sri Maha Bodhi tree.

Tickets and opening hours of the Golden Mount
  • Tickets - the entrance fee is 50 Baht for tourists, while it’s free for Thai people.
  • Opening hours - the temple is open from 8 am to 7 pm.
How to get to the Golden Mount?
The Golden Mount is located in the historic center of Bangkok. You can reach it by:
  • Bus - lines 8, 8 NGV, 15, 15 AC, 37 AC, 47, 49, 49 AC, Opposite Golden Mount stop.
  • Boat - Phanfa Bridge pier.
What should you know before visiting the Golden Mount?
Here are some things you should know before visiting the Golden Mount:
  • There is a dress code. You need to be respectful - cover your shoulders and knees.
  • You are allowed to take photographs in any area of the complex.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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