Times Square - the most important information

If you are visiting New York, there is no chance you haven’t heard of Times Square, the most notable place in the city. The square is located in Midtown, Manhattan. It is a true must-see landmark, composed of many famous streets, shops, places to go out, and more. It is formed by the intersection of Seventh Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway.

About Times Square
Today is known as the heart of the city, but Times Square was once called Long Acre. It was both a residential and commercial area where people lived and worked. But in the 1900s, the situation changed. The opening of offices in this area grew more popular and became a meeting point for many New Yorkers. At that time, people also decided this would be the place where they could celebrate every New Year’s eve. And much more. The square is famous for many neon signs of worldwide known brands, stores, and the New York Times Building. Time Square is a vivid place, and people here always seem to be in a rush. The truth is many tourists come and visit this place, staying here the whole day touring its attractions. You can visit numerous restaurants, shops, and theatres, as well as stay in one of its many luxurious hotels.

What to see in Times Square? 
It is impossible to list all the attractions and places to visit at Times Square. Still, some of the places seem essential if you plan to visit New York City’s most famous square.
  • Ball Drop - One of the most well-known events held in Times Square is the celebration of the New Year. The essential part of the celebration is for sure the ball drop. Every year, on December 31, a huge ball, illuminated by 32,256 LEDs, is being gently dropped on the ground, marking the beginning of a new year. You should not miss this spectacle if you are visiting NYC during the winter holidays.
  • Madame Tussaud’s - This is a wax-figure museum with over 200 wax figures of renowned people from throughout the world. Real-sized figures of Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla, as well as of Alicia Keys and Ozzy Osbourne are just some of the ones that can be found here.
  • National Geographic Ocean Odyssey - Ocean Odyssey is a fantastic site to visit if you want to meet sea critters and experience an ocean simulation. You can spend 90 minutes in a tunnel that offers audio and video presentations of the ocean and its species, such as sharks, squids, and other sea creatures.
  • Most famous buildings at Times Square - Some of the buildings have marked not just the square but also the whole city, so you should not miss the chance to see them. One Times Square, Paramount Hotel, The Brill Building, Palace Theater, and Lyceum Theatre are indeed worth seeing.
  • Theaters - Being the center of the Theatre District, Times Square is home to many theaters. Times Square Theater, Hudson Theatre, Palace, Minskof,f, and New Amsterdam Theater are just some of the places that will bring you amazing plays.
Opening hours
Although Times Square does not have any opening hours, you should check the hours of the attractions you plan to visit in the area.

How to get to Times Square?
You can reach Times Square easily by many types of transport, but the best and fastest option is the metro.
  • By metro - You can choose between 1, 2, 3, 7X, A, E, and F metro lines.
  • By train - Train lines are also widespread in this area, so you can take some of the following trains: Hudson, Montauk, NJCL, Port Jefferson, and Port Washington.
  • By bus - Taking line 195 will lead you to Times Square.


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