Empire State Building - the most important information

The Empire State Building is one of New York's most well-known landmarks. It may not be the city's tallest structure, but it is the first in the world to have more than 100 floors. It was named after one of NYC's many nicknames and quickly became its symbol. Many corporate business offices, including LinkedIn, Shutterstock, Coty, Citizen, HNTB, and others, are now located there.

About Empire State Building 
The recognizable Empire State Building is an Art Deco structure built in 1931. Its primary purpose was to be office space and to be the tallest building in the world, with its 380 meters of height. This title the building kept until 1971. Still, Empire State Building never ceases to amaze those who visit or live in New York. Numerous interesting facts are wrapped around this building. For example, did you know that Empire State Building's antenna seems to be drawing much attention during storms? Over the year, this antenna has been struck by lightning around 25 times. This makes it an excellent opportunity to take a fantastic photo you'll never forget. Another interesting fact is that the building has its own ZIP code - 10118 - because it houses so many companies. As a small city within a city, the Empire State Building is undeniably significant.

What to see in Empire State Building? 
If you would like to get to the top of the building, you would have to climb 1.872 steps. Fortunately, exist also the elevators that will get you there in no time. You can visit two decks during your stay in the building - Main Deck on the 86th floor and Top Deck on the 102nd floor.  You will enjoy your stay at the Empire State Building, and here's what you should not miss while there.
  • Main Deck - This observation is located on the 86th floor and gives you an amazing view over New York. From this place, you can see many city landmarks, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Delaware, when the day is clear and sunny.
  • Top Deck - Located on the 102nd floor, this observation has an even more impressive view. Many people ask, is it really worth climbing that high? Our answer would be - yes. On the clearest days, you can see up to 100 kilometers away. This is an amazing opportunity to visit such a unique place, and you should not miss the chance to do so.
  • Exhibits through the Empire State Building - Nine exhibits on the 2nd floor of the building are open for every visitor. You can explore the building's history, architecture, and importance before climbing up the decks. You will learn a lot about this iconic landmark from its beginning to its presence.
Tickets and opening hours of Empire State Building
  • Opening hours - The Empire State Building is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Ticket prices - Ticket prices depend on the deck you want to visit. So for climbing up the Main Deck, you will need to pay the fee of $44. And getting a view from the Top deck will cost you $77.
How to get to Empire State Building?
The Empire State Building is located on an attractive spot, between 6th and 5th Avenue, making it easily accessible.
  • On foot - You can reach the Empire State Building from Central Park very simply. You'll need just less than 30 minutes of walk down 5th avenue to get to the location. It's also simple if you're trying to reach the building from Times Square. A 15-minute-long walk down Broadway will lead you to the Empire State Building.
  • By metro - You can get to the building using many subway lines as well - 1, 7X, B, D, F, M, R.
  • By bus - Taking one of the following lines will lead you to the Empire State Building - BM2, BXM1, BXM4, M1, M34-SBS, M5, Q32, QM10, QM15, QM18, QM20, X37
What should you know before visiting Empire State Building?
There are some rules you have to follow while visiting the building. Here's the list of things not allowed:
  • Bags or luggage
  • Glass, as well as glass bottles
  • Alcohol
  • Professional cameras
  • Sports equipment


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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