Christmas vacation ideas

The summer days are behind us, and the colder weather has suddenly crept up on us. We simply blinked and it was time for warm sweaters and long, winter coats. The days become shorter, the nights longer, the winds stronger, and the cold is something to expect everyday. All we need to do is survive November, for many the most difficult and depressing month of the year, and then we can look forward to the New Year and Christmas holidays. There is something incredibly special and unique about the holiday season. That is when we get especially emotional, we try to summarize the entire previous year and we always have some new resolutions for the next year, sounds familiar? That is why we are here to give you some interesting Christmas ideas, hope you will enjoy them! 

Christmas vacation for family

family decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments

It has long been known that Christmas is a very special time in the year. Christmas is a great reason to gather all family members. Students are returning home, children are not in school, parents are on vacation, suddenly the house is full again. Although it can sometimes be challenging or stressful, it's still a very special and significant period of the year that helps create  unforgettable memories and reconnect us with those we love the most. This holiday is meant for creating precious memories with loved ones. If you decide to spend your Christmas this year somewhere far from home, we have some ideas for you.

Family Christmas in Disney World

Christmas fireworks in Disney World
Christmas fireworks in Disney World

Is there a place that is more magical than Disney? Well, we can think only about Disney during the Christmas season. This fairytale place becomes even more special and magical during Christmas. Sometimes it can be hard to explain it with words how amazing it is, you really have to experience it first hand. Disney has always been a great place to relax with the family, but during the Christmas season, Disney becomes even more magical, beautiful and better. Here is a list of some of the interesting things you can do in Disney during the Christmas time:

  • Try out some fun christmas themed disney rides 
  • Go to Christmas show
  • Sing Chrstmas carols while waiting in the line
  • Reserve a special Christmas meal
  • Enjoy Character sighting  and musical group singing holiday songs
  • Admire the rich and colorful Christmas decorations
  • Check out the big and glorious Chrstmas tree
  • Go shooping for Christmas presents in Disney shops
  • Wait in line to see in person the iconic Disney Christmas parade
Festive season in Disney
Festive season in Disney

As you can see there are many great and joyful things to do in Disney Magical Kingdom on Christmas. It will probably seem like a dream coming true. Your kids will love the iconic Disney Christmas parade where you can see in person all famous Disney characters ahead with Mickey Mouse. The parade is quite colorful and amazing.The part where your kids will go insane and burst out of happiness is when they see one and only Santa Clause and his hard working elves. The firs will probably be even more fascinated with famous and beautiful disney princesses and their theme dresses. Snowwhite, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jamin and other iconic princesses are part of the parade and they will make your Christmas experience in Disney even more magical. If you want to have the best family vacation, then Disney is the place to go.

The prices and important information about Disney during Christmas

Santa Claus in Disney parade
Santa Claus in Disney parade

If you want your Disney experience to be truly magical, without stress, you really need to be well organized. Good organization is the key to everything, especially when traveling with children. That is why we have selected a few tips and useful information for you that you should know.

  • Be aware of big crowds, especially when it's Christmas time, many statistic say that time is the worst when it comes to big crowds and waiting in the line
  • Also the price tickets are not that cheap, so we recommend you to save some money, because it's totally worth it
  • Many tickets range between 146 eur and 197 eur for November and December
  • For more information about the prices go to Disney World's website
  • Be aware that the most expensive time to visit Disney World is during the Christmas and Easter break

Family Christmas beach vacation

father and son on the beach

Do you want to mix things up a bit? We are so used to spending Christas season surrounded with white snow and Christmas trees, but what do you say about spending Christmas with your family on some nice and warm beach, surrounded with palm trees instead of Christmas trees? That can be quite an unforgettable and unusual experience. Spending time with your family while soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm weather is quite a holiday experience. We recommend you to visit the Caribbean, a true tropical paradise perfect for families with small kids. Here is what you can expect from Christmas on Caribbean islands:

  • white sandy beaches
  • coconut trees
  • sunny shores
  • tropical sunsets

Really good place to spend your holiday season with family in the Caribbean is Jamaica. Jamaica is famous for its many great and popular family beach resorts.They will offer you a perfect Christmas getaway and pretty normal prices. Many of these resorts are kids friendly and they have small kids pools and many fun activities for kids to do. Some of them even have specijal Kids Camps with excellent nannies so that the parents can go and have some valuable and quality time. If your kid is a teneeger, don't worry, many luxurious beach resorts offer nightclubs for teenagers. If you prefer tropical holiday season, then you should read our blog: Most beautiful islands in the world. Here are some popular and quite luxurious Jamaica beach resorts:

  • Skylark Negril Beach Resort
  • Excellence Oyster Bay
  • Half Moon
  • Hibiscus Lodge Hotel
  • Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa

Ski resort family vacation

Family in the ski resort

We are going back to snow and the traditional way of celebrating the New Year and Christmas season and that is why we are taking you to some of the best and most popular ski resorts in Europe. Many of us still love to spend the Christmas season with beautiful, crystal white snow surrounding us and there’s hardly anything better than snuggling inside a mountain hotel, next to a warm crackling fire fireplace. In addition, spending Christmas in one of the popular ski resorts is a great choice for all lovers of active holidays and skiing.

Skiing gets a special charm when the holiday season approaches, and many ski resorts offer you excellent training, equipment and ski slopes that are intended for all skiers, both beginners and those who are a little more experienced. Here you will be able to also enjoy with an entire family some breathtaking scenery and spend entire day playing the snow with kids.Each resort is different and quite unique. You need to find what suits you the best. We have selected for you the best ski resorts in the Europe:

  • Courchevel, France
  • Val d'Isere, France
  • Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy
  • St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • Courmayeur, Italy

Christmas vacation for couples 

Christmas and couple in love

As we have already pointed out, Christmas represents the season of love. It is a time of love, a time of selfless giving and a time of creating wonderful memories with those we love and appreciate the most. If you are lucky and have met the love of your life, spending Christmas can seem like the realization of all your romantic dreams. There is no time of the year that celebrates love and togetherness more than the Christmas holiday season. There is something magical about spending time with your loved one on Christmas and that is why we have selected some incredibly romantic destinations for your romantic Christmas getaway.

Romantic vacation in Iceland

Northern lights in Iceland
Northern lights

Iceland is a place that will offer you a true adventure. Some say that Iceland's capital is one of the most eccentric cities in the world, but that is part of its incredible charm. We think that spending time on your Christmas holiday with your partner under the iconic and glorious Northern Lights can be a memorable experience and something you will remember for the rest of your life. The Northern lights are a true phenomenon, like no other.

Seeing it with your partner makes it even more magical. It's the perfect thing to do on your romantic holiday. Next thing that you simply must try on your romantic Christmas getaway is  soaking up in the Blue Lagoon while surrounded by snow and ice. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it? We are talking about fairly - tale surroundings and inside the Blue Lagoon you will feel only warm and very pleasant water. Also, don't forget to enjoy fantastic volcanic landscapes. You are probably wondering how much does it all cost during the winter season. Well, on average, for two people a vacation in Iceland will cost you around 3.330 eur for two weeks and we think it's totally worth it. Here are some of the most romantic hotels in Iceland that are ideal for couples:

  • Hotel Reykjavik Centrum
  • Centerhotel Plaz
  • Odinsve Hotel Apartments
  • Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel Reykjavik
  • Exeter Hotel

Romantic vacation in the Alps 

The Alps ski resorts

The majestic Alps are always a good idea, but during the Christmas season even more. The festive season in the Alps can be something quite magical. We are talking about a real winter paradise.Also many ski resorts have incredibly beautiful Christmas trees and ornaments, so your experience will feel even more unique and special. You can find many great couple deals and excellent accommodation that will be perfect for your romantic getaway.Here are some of the most popular ski resorts on the Alps, choose one and your Christmas fairytale can finally begin:

  • St Moritz - choose St Mortiz for a true winter wonderland and book an amazing skiing vacation for couples. During the evenings you can sip a glass of their iconic wine and cheer with your partner. You have many great hotels and apartments around the entire ski resort so it won't be too hard to book an accommodation.
  • Megeve - Any fan of skiing will be completely mesmerized with how beautiful and breathtaking the Megeve is. It is also a very romantic place, especially during the Christmas season. You simply must see the lighting ceremony of the main Christmas. It usually happens in the beginning of december.
  • Zermatt - During the holiday season, the entire ski resort in the Alps is fully decorated. Many colorful lights and ornaments can be found around any corner. Skiing there can be quite an unforgettable experience. Also, expect some romantic, breathtaking scenery.  

The prices in the Alps

Ski resorts in the Alps

Prepare yourself and your loved one for a real festive and adventurous day ahead. All ski resorts on the Alps look pretty picturesque, especially with thick white snow, amazing landscapes, festive decorations and stunning mountains surrounding the entire area. Be sure to book your place on the slopes in time because it can be quite crowded during the entire winter season. These popular ski resorts fill up very quickly. Perfect accommodation for your romantic Christmas vacation can be in mountains cozy chalet apartments that have balconies and a view to die for. Here are some useful information that will come in handy when planning holiday in the ski resort:

  • Low budget airlanes have been offering very affordable flights to Europe and specifically to the Alps for years now, but of course the price can be different depending on the time of the year. Still you can find tickets to the Alps for just around 100 eur per person.
  • Accommodation in the Alps will probably cost you somewhere between 179 eur and 250 eur. You can choose a hotel or chalet room with a double bed and two singles. In many of these deals breakfast is always included.
  • Ski rental can be quite expensive in the Alps, but we are talking about very professional and high quality equipment, so it's worth it. Be prepared to pay around 200 eur for ski rental. Also, there are different levels of rental skis from the cheapest to the Platnium, so choose carefully.
  • Lift pass will usually cost around 800 eur, or if you want a 6 day pass that the price for adults is 243 eur. You can buy tickets that will allow you to use only one gondola.
  • If you want to learn more about majestic Alps, go to our blog: Top 10 Places to Visit in the French Alps

Romantic vacation in Paris

Winter in Paris
Winter in Paris

Paris, the city of love, the city of lights and many beautiful spots. We can hardly list a more perfect city for a romantic getaway for two. Paris is always a good idea, especially during the festive season and the entire city is beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. Christmas in Paris with your loved one is something like a dream coming true. Walking on the streets of Paris, visiting the historical sights and enjoying the breathtaking scenery is just one small part of your Parisian adventure. Welcome to the city of love, a city full of culture and art, you will have an amazing time. Here are couple of things you can do in Paris on your romantic getaway:

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower
  • Explore historical sites
  • Visit the Château de Versailles
  • Go to the Louvre and Orsay
  • Celebrate New Year in the town centređ
  • Go window shopping
  • Visit the Christmas market
  • Go ice skating
  • Listen to Christmas concert
  • Go to Christmas church service

Christmas vacation with friends

Sprinkle and glasses of wine

Celebrating Christmas with friends can be a very exciting and fun experience. Friends are like  family and creating memories with them is incredible. It can be very meaningful to share these Christmas memories with them. That is why you need to organize and plan ahead. If you are searching for some creative and interesting ways to celebrate the holiday season with your friends, we have some advice for you. We hope that this season will give a lot of love, a lot of laughter and some unforgettable memories  with your friends.

Time with friends is incredibly precious and important. However, as we get older and have more and more responsibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to find enough time for all our friends. That is why the holiday season is the perfect time to spend some time with our friends again. We need to reconnect and create some beautiful and unforgettable moments with them. Therefore, do not wait for more time to pass, invite your friends immediately and organize a holiday celebration together. Cheers to that!

Christmas party with friends

Christmas dinner party with friends
Christmas dinner party with friends

Organizing a Christmas party with friends is one of the favorite activities for many. The Christmas atmosphere is felt in the air and everyone can't wait to see each other, gather, exchange gifts and enjoy a rich, festive table surrounded by glittering Christmas trees, mistletoe, decorations and colorful lanterns. If you are looking for some ideas how to organize the best Christmas party with your friends, then you are in the right place and just keep reading:

  • Organize a themed exchange party - Choose in advance what your theme will be and ask your friends to bring something related to that theme. You can put all the themed gifts under a Christmas tree. Also your food needs to be connected with the main theme.
  • Plan a pancake and Christmas pyjama party - It's the season of the cutest and funniest festive pyjamas! Use that to your advantage. You can tell your friends to dress in their best and funniest Christmas pajamas and on the next morning organize a little pancake baking competition.
  • Play Secret Santa - Traditional Secret Santa gift exchange is something to look forward to. This is a great way to include everyone and to create something special and magical, and let's admit: who doesn't like to get a gift?

Christmas spa day with friends

Spa day in salon

Christmas spa day with friends might be just what you need, because let's face it after the entire year full of working hours and stressful life events, who doesn't need a relaxed spa day with closest friends? Christmas spa breaks can provide you some much needed relaxation. Plus it's a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends again. Silence, relaxation, peace and so much more. You can find many Christmas spa vouchers, but hotels that offer spa salons can be booked on Christmas, so book your spa treatment on time. Maybe you can surprise your friend with a very thoughtful gift, with a gift card for a spa. You can choose between a spa day or spa vaucher. You can select what kind of pamper day you want for your friends. During the spa day, everything is dedicated only to you and your enjoyment. Christmas spa packages can include:

  • Use of the spa’s leisure facilities - swimming pools, terminal waters, special relaxation areas
  • Several spa treatments - you can choose what suits you the best
  • Reservse meals and drinks - to have the ultimate Christmas day at spa dont forget to enjoy the food and snacks
  • Book a perfect accommodation - find a spa deal that will include great accommodation and breakfast the next morning
  • Organize gift exchange and festive treats - this will show you friends how much you car or them and it will bring that electric festive atmosphere to our wonderful spa day

Christmas trip ideas

a girl on a boat during the winter

Many people use the period of New Year's and Christmas holidays so that they can travel to their desired destinations. Often, many save money so that they can organize their perfect holiday trip. Given all this, travel during the holidays is very frequent. Whether you are traveling with a partner, the whole family or friends, there is something special and magical when it comes to holiday trips. Some Christmas destinations are quite picturesque so prepare yourself to take some amazing festive pictures. So pack your bags and let your Christmas spirit shine bright!

New York Christmas trip

New York Christmas Tree
New York Christmas Tree

New York is a traditional place for many tourists, especially for the New Year and holidays. New York is magical during the holidays, but it is necessary to say that this city is always expensive, and during the holidays it can be extremely expensive. However, if you can set aside some money, it is really worth it, because you will find that festive spirit and traditional Christmas atmosphere in New York. Christmas season in New York will soon begin and it will offer you a lot of fun things to do and explore.

The city has holiday offerings like no other. From the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to many great holiday markets, New York during the festive season has it all and, by all means, that trip won't be something you could forget easily. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is the true symbol of New York's festive season. Few cities in the world shine as brightly as New York during the holidays, and you can find beautiful and rich decorations in every corner of the city.

a Christmas carriage ride through Central Park
Christmas carriage ride through Central Park

This majestic and stunning tree is quite enormous, full of flashing lights and lampions, it is the heart of New York during festive season. If you want your Christmas trip to be really complete then you should attend the traditional tree lit up. There are also a lot of festive things to do around this Christmas tree. After that you can go to the Empire State Building musical light show for the holidays. From december 19 to december 25, everyone can tune in for a festive song and light display.

What to do in NYC during Christmas season:

  • Ice skating in Central Park
  • Try out carriage rides
  • See the lights on Empire State Building
  • Go to Union Square Holiday Market
  • Sledding in the City
  • Shop in at Brooklyn Flea
  • See the Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show
  • Enjoy the Christmas Lights
  • Go to traditional Christmas Shows

New York City Christmas accommodation

New York Christmas market
New York Christmas market

Another thing you can do is to visit the Grand Central Holiday Fair that is held from late November through Christmas Eve. If you want to do some quality holiday shopping this is the place for you. There you will find a diverse mix of different products and everything is decorated in a true Christmas, festive spirit. You will probably be amazed with decorations and all those great shopping sports. So if you are in a Christmas ruch and ready to buy some presents at the last minute, this place is an excellent choice for you. Most of these markets are located close to many popular hotels in New York. 

Hotels in New York during the holiday season very often look like something that came straight from the fairytale. Everything is full of light and trees, holiday songs, mistletoes and colorful ornaments. If you really want to have a full New York city experience then booking a place in the best Christmas hotels is something you simply must do. You should know that these hotels are quite expensive, but we think they are totally worth it because you will feel like a true royalty there. Here is our list of the best festive hotels in New York:

  • The Plaza - there is hardly a more popular hotel than this, especially when the holiday season is in full swing. Many popular Hollywood movies were shot in this luxury hotel that shines in full splendor during Christmas
  • Four Seasons Hotel - if you want your holiday spirit to be at its peak, this hotel will provide just that. At the four seasons hotel, rea royal atmosphere awaits you
  • Ritz - Carlton Central Park - this is another extremely luxurious and popular hotel that will delight you with its rich, festive decoration and festive atmosphere

Christmas trip to Aspen

Aspen has always been one of the favourite holiday destinations for many. This place is something like a true winter paradise and the festive spirit is felt around every corner. If you want to have an active holiday trip, then Aspen is the place for you. It has many great slopes and it's excellent for skiing trips. But not just for that, Aspenis has many exclusive boutiques and fancy galleries. Many claim that the festive season in Aspen looks and feels magical, like something you can see only in movies. Here is what you can do on your holiday trip to Aspen:

  • Go ice skating - there is outdoor Silver Circle Rink in town, it's surrounded with lights and festive decorations
  • Go sledding - like we said, Aspen is full of slopes, so you can rent your sledding gear and enjoy sliding with your kids and loved ones. It's a really good and fun activity for all generations. 
  • Visit winter workshops - The Aspen Art  Museum Offers you six daysof interesting workshops for kids.
  • See Aspens Christmas tree lightning - this is great occasion to gather friends and family and enjoy some live holiday music while waiting for the tree to light up

Christmas at home

Christmas at home

Considering that the Covid 19 is still a large part of our everyday life and that it has created additional costs, stresses and problems for many, and that has also restricted the movements of many, you can always spend your Christmas and New Year holidays at home, surrounded by loved ones in pleasant, homely atmosphere. If the situation in your country with the number of infected is not good enough and if you care about your health, as well as the health of your family and loved ones, then it may be better and safer to spend, at least, this holiday season at home. That’s why we’ve singled out for you a few interesting ideas you can do at home for the Christmas holiday.

Christmas staycation ideas

a man spending time at his home during the festive season

Staycation can have certain advantages. Everyone is in a festive mood and everyone is coming back home. This is a great time to bond with your family and spend some quality time with them. After a festive and rich dinner, you can relax and enjoy yourself a bit. This is a time to reflect and think about new plans, new decisions as well as thinking about the previous year and everything that came with it. Many things have changed, we all had to adjust to some new kind of reality. At the end of the year it is time to face all of that, accept it and move on with a smile on your face, ready to face new challenges and new year with all that it brings. But let's be realistic, time for yourself is extremely important, time to reflect is also valuable, but during the holidays we also need to spend time with loved ones. Here are some interesting ideas of what you can do with them at home:

  • Organize a Christmas movie night
  • Plan a special cooking competition
  • Throw a pyjama party
  • Decorate Christmas tree together
  • Drink hot chocolate from christmas mugs
  • Prepare with family traditional festive meals
  • Play Secret Senta together
  • Enjoy, relax, read and share some fun memories with family and friends

Best Christmas decoration ideas 

Christmas decorations

Entire festive season is a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and get crazy with presents and decoration ideas. Crafts can be really fun and if you do them with your family members and loved ones then it can become even more fun. Christmas decorations can make your home look like a place from some winter fairytale. Decoration is what makes this part of the year even more unique and special, so let's start with some new and interesting ideas:

  • If you have a fireplace put some greenery around it then just add some red or gold ribbons and ornaments to really make it nice and add some color. Try to match the color of ornaments with colors in your living room.
  • Buy some cute Christmas figurines and put them in every corner of your home. These festive figurines will help you in creating a real festive atmosphere, and your entire home will look quite cosy and eye pleasing 
  • Use the same special wrapping for all your presents. Find a theme that suits you and wrap every present in a similar style. You can add some small pine and tie it with ribbons around present for that extra festive look
  • Hang some oversized snowflakes and add candles on your Christmas table. In this case the more, the better. It will give you a very rich look and the entire home will have that special and authentic festive atmosphere that we all want to achieve.
  • Create some unique Christmas wraps and put them wherever you like, you can even give them as presents to family and friends. Add layers and layers of pine, spruce, juniper and do not forget to add winter berries and pinecones for that extra sparkle.

Christmas decoration ideas

Although October has not passed either, we feel that this year is coming to an end. The season of coats, holidays, celebrations, warm scarves and gloves is slowly creeping up on us, while the first snowflakes are expected in November. We hope to prepare you for the upcoming holiday season and to provide you with some different and interesting ideas that will help you spend this holiday season in a good spirit and pleasant atmosphere. We hope that next year will be even better, more promising and more successful. Until then we have enough time to prepare for the holidays and to bring this year to an end in the right way.