Gospodska Street - the most important information

Veselina Masleše Street, better known as Gospodska Street, is located in the very center of Banja Luka. This street is the most famous Banja Luka promenade and is one of the city's symbols, which attracts a large number of visitors. Stay with us and learn more about its history and significance below.

History of Gospodska Street
Let's go back together to the 19th century, when Tomo Radulović received permission to open the first store in the city. The first one-story building was built by this Herzegovinian in 1855, and the second after 7 years. This merchant was tired of the fact that only peasants entered his shop and had little to buy, so he wrote the name "Gospodska ulica" and placed it on his own building. where Gospodska Street is, while if you ask them where Veselina Masleša Street is, most of them will imagine.This street was and remains the heart of the bourgeois Banja Luka. Veselina Masleša Street) is dedicated to the famous Banja Luka revolutionary and publicist, and that name has been in official use since the end of the First World War until today.

About Hotel Balkan
Gospodska Street is remembered for the Balkan Hotel, whose elegance and beauty are preserved on postcards that you can still see today. The Serbian reading room was housed in the courtyard building of this hotel for a while, so Hotel Balkan became a gathering place for Banja Luka intellectuals and merchants. Among them was Petar Kocic, a famous Serbian storyteller, who stayed at this hotel. In the hotel cafe, this famous writer talked to his friends about events from Serbian history and it was here that he got inspiration for some of his most famous works.

How to get to Gospodska Street?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you will travel to Banja Luka for about 3 and a half hours (via E70).
  • The distance from the main bus station in this city to Gospodska Street is only 2 and a half km, so we advise you to call a taxi service or reach it on foot (via Dr Mladen Stojanović Street).
  • If you decide to take a taxi, we recommend the following carriers: Big Taxi +387 66 211-511, Patrol Taxi +387 51 229-500 or Lux Taxi +387 66 925-926.


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