Pećina Vjetrenica

Zavala, Neum

Vjetrenica Cave - the most important information

Have you heard of the Vjetrenica cave? It is the largest and most famous cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located 300 meters east of the village of Zavala. Vjetrenica is only 12 km away from Slano on the Adriatic coast. It has spacious corridors and halls, as well as a rich hydrographic world with lakes, several waterfalls and several permanent streams. The temperature in this cave is constant (it is 11.4 ° C throughout the year), so we advise you to dress well before arrival.

History of the cave and paleontological discoveries
Vjetrenica Cave is first mentioned as an interesting cave phenomenon by Pliny the Elder in 77. The first scientific description of this cave was given by the Belgrade researcher Mihajlo Radovanović in 1929. A number of interesting paleontological finds were found in Vjetrenica, including the entire leopard skeleton (Panthera pardus), which was found in 1968. This cave hides a very rich cave world, so that as many as 200 different animal species have been discovered in it. It is known as one of the largest habitats of the famous amphibian, the so-called human fish, which inhabits the narrower part of the karst areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you can see it only in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Vjetrenica Cave has been open for tourist visits since 1964. The lighting in the cave was reconstructed in 2010, and then the tourist trail was arranged.

How to get to the cave Vjetrenica?
  • Vjetrenica Cave is about 40 km away from the center of Trebinje, so you will travel to it by car in about 45 minutes (via the M6).
  • A unique number for taxi services has recently been introduced in this city and a dispatch center has been established, available 24 hours a day. Turn 065 / 661-555 and enjoy a peaceful drive to Vjetrenica or some other interesting location in Trebinje!
Opening hours of the cave and ticket prices
  • Vjetrenica Cave is open to visitors every day from 09:00 to 15:00.
  • The entrance fee for adults is 15 convertible marks, while the discounted ticket for students and pensioners is 10 marks.
  • Children up to the age of 15 will pay 8 convertible marks for their ticket, while the entrance for children under the age of 4 is completely free.