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Welcome to Neum, a town that is the only exit of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Adriatic Sea! This place is located opposite the Peljesac peninsula. Neum is 70 km from the city of Dubrovnik, while Ploče Train Station is 30 km away. In recent years, this town has become a popular tourist destination, mostly guests from the region, especially from Serbia. Below you can find out more about the climate of Neum, its beaches, as well as the ways in which you can reach it.

What can you do in Neum
Neum has a Mediterranean climate, so summers are long and warm, and winters are short and mild. The average annual temperature in this magical place is 16 ° C. Favorable climate allows all visitors, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, 7 months a year and climate therapy, which consists of: clean coastal air, walks along the coast, as well as enjoying various water sports. Neum is a pretty clean and nicely decorated place. It is a real little paradise on Earth. If you want to isolate yourself and spend your vacation in a small town, then Neum is your right choice!
The main natural attraction of Neum is the pine park, which stretches along its entire coast. You can come to this town with family or friends and enjoy a variety of activities, such as: scooter rides, water skiing, diving, water polo at the city pool, boat rides, and there are nightclubs and bars, which will appeal to young people the most to rejoice.

About the beaches in Neum
Neum has concrete and pebble beaches, so we advise you to bring slippers for comfortable and safe walking. If you want to spend a peaceful and romantic vacation with a loved one, then you are at the right place. We have selected for you a couple of interesting beaches that should be visited:
  • Neum
  • Mimosa
  • Jazina
  • Zenith i
Feral beach.
Jazina is a nice pebble beach, and the prices of renting deck chairs and parasols are a bit cheaper than in the center. Feral Beach is a private beach, which leads to an unpaved road, which is worth crossing, because this beach is beautiful. If you do not like crowds, Feral beach is ideal for you as it has a limited number of bathers. Here you will notice reed umbrellas, white canopies, as well as a small restaurant with seafood specialties. The beauty of the beach, the magical colors and scents of the sea will make you think that you are not in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the Maldives!

How to get to the beaches in Neum?
Neum has 4 city beaches. One is located below Villa Piccolotti, the other below the Grand Hotel Neum, the third below the Hotel Sunce, and the fourth below the Hotel Zenit. The advantage of these beaches is reflected in the fact that they are the only ones suitable for non-swimmers and small children, since only on these arranged beaches there is a gradual entrance and they are pebbles.
  • To the private beach Feral beach you will travel by car about ten minutes from the center of Neum (via E65 / M2).
Prices in Neum
Neum is the only city on the Adriatic coast that has not imposed restrictions due to the corona virus. Prices in Neum are acceptable for most tourists, because everything is cheaper than in Croatia or Montenegro. On the beaches, the daily rent of deckchairs is from 2.5 to 3 euros, and the price of umbrellas is the same. Most hotels and villas have their own beach, so this guest service will be free. A scoop of ice cream in Neum costs only 75 cents, a ride on a mini submarine 7.5 euros, while a one-hour tour of the Neum Bay by boat will cost you 5 euros.


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  • Brige
  • Museum


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