Lukavica - The most important information

Lukavica is located in the northeastern part of the municipality of Niksic, in the central part of Montenegro. This space is special and very impressive precisely because of its natural beauty. There are about 365 springs on Lukavica, but also diverse plants and animals. All this has contributed to making this area one of the most important plant habitats in Europe. The marked trails are perfect for lovers of mountain biking or recreational hiking. Lukavica, together with Mali and Veliki zurim, but also Kapetanov Lake, make this landscape unrealistically beautiful.

What to see on Lukavica?
On your hike through Lukavica, pay close attention to:
  • Kapetanovo Lake - The lake is located at 1,678 m above sea level, on the border with the municipality of Kolasin (northeast of the town of Niksic). Captain's Lake belongs to the group of glacial lakes. The lake is known for its magical nature, rich aquatic fauna and clear green color.
  • Mali and Veliki zurim - Mali zurim (1,962 m) and Veliki zurim (2,036 m) are part of the massif called Moracka planina. The distance between them is approximately one kilometer. These two peaks represent the natural border between the rugged and rugged valleys on the one hand but also the green and tame valleys on the other. The ascent to Mali zurim is easier at the beginning, because you climb a small ridge, which eventually becomes almost a vertical rock. The second peak has a slight ascent and a spacious meadow full of blueberries.
How to get to Lukavica?
You can come to this natural phenomenon:
  • By car - If you come to Niksic by car, you will need a little more than an hour of moderate driving to Lukovica. The distance between these two places is 36 km. There are two routes to Lukavica from Niksic, which fork at the exit at ZIGMA. If you turn left, the road takes you through Rubeza, Lukovo, near the Vucje Ski Center. Then you pass through Gvozd, next to Savnik, and the road leads you to your destination. The second route leads from ZIGMA to the right, through Zirovica, Laz, and Oblatno where at the end of the road near Savnik, you join the main road leading to Lukavica.
  • By foot - If you are an avid mountaineer, it is possible to walk this same route, but our warm recommendation is to go by car. If you do decide to embark on an adventure like this, it will take you about 6 hours.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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