Selo Godinje

Crmnica, Bar

Village Godinje - Most important information

Godinje is a settlement in the municipality of Bar in the area of ​​Crmnica. The village is traditionally known for growing vines and producing wine. The old architectural construction of the houses has been adapted to the modern way of life. This tourist destination is the right choice for all lovers of traditional architecture and beautiful nature, as well as natural water sources and tasting quality wines.

History of Godinje
The first written information about the village dates back to the 13th century, and there are traces of the residence of the Balsic dynasty. Today there is a building that the locals claim was once summer house the Balsic dynasty, and the coat of arms of Crnojevic remains carved into the stone.

What to see in Godinje?
In the Montenegrin countryside, which is adorned with endless landscapes, clean air, and a pleasant climate, there are localities worth your visit.
  • Balsic Palaces - the most representative complex in Godinje is the summer house of the Balsic family, which consists of several connected houses above taverns. In front of them is an entrance portal with a staircase that leads to the entrance to the former summer house.
  • Godinje Winery and Tavern - if you want to try top-quality wine and brandy and taste homemade quality cheese, we recommend you to visit this inn.
How to get to Godinje?
  • By car: Godinje is located on the old road Virpazar - Bar, via Ostros. It is 4 km from the village of Virpazar. Virpazar is 27 km from Bar, a 40-minute drive. You can reach the village of Godinje from Bar via E851. Then you drive along the E65 and E80, then turn onto the P16.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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