Vidikovci u Baru

Virpazar, Bar

Viewpoints in Bar - Most important information

These are 8 viewpoints, and rest areas, built in the most attractive places in the hinterland of the Bar municipality. From the lookout points in Bar, you can see the peaks of the mountains that surround it, the beauty of Lake Skadar, the village of Godinje, as well as numerous cultural and historical monuments. Find out how to reach them.

Characteristics of viewpoints
The beauty of the viewpoints is specific in that they are located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar. They fit into the natural environment and offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the endless beauty of the natural beauty of the Bar area.
  • Viewpoint Tudjemili  - is located in the Tudjemili bar settlement of the same name. If you are a visitor to this viewpoint, you will enjoy the view of Bar and the mountain peaks of Rumija, Lisinje, and Sutorman.
  • Viewpoint Murici - is located in Donji Murici. It is an understatement to say that from this viewpoint there is a fascinating view of the islands in Lake Skadar.
  • Viewpoint Livari - in the settlement of the same name in Montenegro, there is also a viewpoint from where the view of the natural beauty of Lake Skadar extends.
  • Viewpoint Sutorman  - there is also a viewpoint on the Sutorman mountain of the same name. Tucked away in natural beauty, it is a real resort for all visitors. You will be amazed by the view of the mountain areas, and you will have the opportunity to see the threshing floor located at the viewpoint.
  • Viewpoint Stegvas  - are you visiting Bar? If you decide to visit the surrounding towns and stop by one of the bar settlements, Ostros, on the way, you will not regret it. Stegvas viewpoint is also located there. It offers a view of the endless beauties of the Skadar Lake National Park.
  • Viewpoint Limljani - the area of ​​Crmnica and the settlement of Limljani offers all visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Crmnica field from the viewpoint of the same name.
  • Godinje viewpoint - from the Godinje viewpoint, located in the Crmnica area, where the village of Godinje is located, you will have the opportunity to see the unique architecture of this, in many ways, specific village of Crmnica.
  • Dobra Voda viewpoint - another one of the Bar settlements offers you the opportunity to fall in love with the Bar riviera. If you go to the settlement of Dobra Voda and the viewpoint of the same name, you will be enchanted by the view of the Bar coast.
How to get to the viewpoints?
  • Viewpoint Tudjemili - it is 11 km from the center of Bar and will take only 20 minutes by car on the E851 road.
  • Viewpoint Murici - via E65/E80 and then P16, you will reach the viewpoint in about 70 minutes. The viewpoint is 42 km from Bar.
  • Livari Viewpoint - you will reach this lookout in about an hour and 20 minutes. You cross the distance of 46 km via the roads E65/E80 and then P16.
  • Viewpoint Sutorman - on the way to Sutorman mountain, where there is also a viewpoint of the same name, you will pass by the viewpoint Tudjemili. You reach the final destination via the old road to Bar, and the drive will take 38 minutes/21km.
  • From Bar, through Mrkojevic, on the road leading to Albania, turn towards Ostros, where the Stegvas viewpoint awaits you.
  • Viewpoint Limljani - 23 km from the center of Bar, there is the viewpoint Limljani. In 37 minutes, via the E851 and then the E65/E80, you will reach the final destination.
  • Godinje Viewpoint - you start from Bar and pass by Susanj and Sutomore. You reach Virpazar, and near it is the village of Godinje, where there is a viewpoint of the same name. From Bar, you can reach the viewpoint in 31 minutes/25 km. You can reach the destination via E851 and E65/E80.
  • Dobra Voda Viewpoint - to get to the town of Dobra Voda, and then to the lookout point, you need a 15-minute drive, along the E851, at a distance of about 10 km.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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