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Located in the very center of the old city center of Dubrovnik, Stradun is the primary and most attractive street in Dubrovnik. Due to its position, Stradun divides the Old Town into two almost equal parts - the southern and northern. The road stretches from the Pile gate, located at the entrance to the Old Town, to the port in the mentioned part of the city.

History of Stradun
The name Stradun originates from the Venetians' time and is a derisive expression for a broad street. Another name for Stradun is Placa, from the Latin word platea, which means road or square. In the place where today the most famous street in Dubrovnik is located, there used to be a canal, i.e., swampy terrain. At that time, Stradun separated Ragusa from Dubrava. However, the city was created in this place when the locals filled the whole swamp in the 9th century. Stradun only got the purpose it had today in the 12th century. The current appearance of Stradun preceded the devastating earthquake of 1667 when most of the buildings were demolished. However, the street has been wholly pedestrianized for almost 50 years and contains several attractions and facilities that leave you breathless.

The importance of Stradun
As the Stradun is close to traffic, both sides of the street are full of different cafes, sights, and souvenir shops. Two fountains mark the beginning and end of this promenade, and there are also two bell towers. Since Stradun is paved with stone blocks, it was popularly called street-salon. Today, Stradun is a favorite promenade for all tourists, while various manifestations, plays, and concerts are often held here. Many city and cultural monuments are located on this street, so this promenade is the number one for tourists visiting Dubrovnik.

How to get to Stradun?
Stradun is in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, close to the famous fortress Minceta. It is convenient and easy to get to this promenade, and you can walk to it from either the direction of the city or take a car ride. If you decide to come using transport, the surroundings of Stradun will provide you with several parking spaces where you can leave your vehicle.
  • On foot: It is possible to reach Stradun on foot, and it will take about 20 minutes from the central part of Dubrovnik. Ulica Iza Grada leads to Stradun through Vrata od Buže, while on the other side, it is possible to enter the street near Vrata od Pila. 
  • By car:  Transportation will significantly speed up the arrival to Stradun, and it will take about ten minutes of easy driving from the city center via Zagrebačka Street. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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