Lokrum - Most important information

Lokrum is an island located close to Dubrovnik and only ten minutes away by boat. It is a favorite swimming spot for all the area's residents, but it is also a natural attraction for all tourists. The paths of Lokrum will take you to different legends and mysterious stories that will not leave you indifferent.

History of Lokrum
The island's name is believed to be derived from the Latin word acumen, which means sour fruit. Namely, the origin of the word Lokrum is related to the harmful wild orange trees that once abounded on the island. The history of the island itself dates back to the year 1023 when it was gifted to the citizens by Dubrovnik Archbishop Vital. Then the citizens were allowed to build and create on the island freely, and from then on, the first documents related to the existence of this island originated. Throughout its history, the island of Lokrum belonged to many rulers and cultures. Even Richard the Lionheart, Maximilian I, and the Austrian heir to the throne, Rudolph, are associated with the island. Fort Royal, located at the very top of the island, was built in 1806 by order of Napoleon. Later, this fortress was also used by the Austro-Hungarian army, and throughout history, it has been renovated and improved several times.

Importance of Lokrum
  • Dead Sea of Dubrovnik: The highest peak of Lokrum is Glavica, whose height is 96 meters. From Fort Royal, there is a beautiful view of Dubrovnik and the rest of the surroundings. Near it is the famous Dead Sea, a small lake where children and non-swimmers can enjoy swimming.
  • Lokrum as a nature park: Due to its exceptional natural features, rows of olive groves, perfect climate, and enchanting vegetation, the island of Lokrum has been declared a nature park. Today it is under the protection of UNESCO, and peacocks dominate the entire island. Thousands of tourists enjoy this island every year, discovering all its charms and benefits.
How to get to Lokrum?
The island of Lokrum is, in a way, a trademark of Dubrovnik and is located in its immediate vicinity. It is possible to reach the island by boat, which runs every half hour during the season. The price of a boat ride is HRK 70, and the ship does not operate in bad weather conditions. Entrance to the nature reserve costs HRK 200, while certain groups have discounts. You can read detailed information on the Lokrum website.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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