Dubrovačke crkve i katedrale

Stradun, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik churches and cathedrals - Most important information 

Dubrovnik's churches and cathedrals show the magnificent architecture of Dubrovnik in the most picturesque way. In addition, since religion occupies an essential place in the history of this place, the churches and cathedrals that Dubrovnik abounds show the people's daily life, traditions, and culture. A walk through churches of different denominations and cathedrals with specific architecture will take you back a few years and introduce you to the glorious history of Dubrovnik. 

History of Dubrovnik churches and cathedrals
Churches and cathedrals in the area of ​​Dubrovnik began to be built in the 11th century, and their construction and improvement lasted for centuries. Muslim places of worship are an exception since Muslims started coming to Dubrovnik only in the 19th century. The most typical churches and cathedrals that can be found in Dubrovnik are Catholic churches. Since Dubrovnik was in the hands of different rulers and cultures, who brought with them their faith and customs, today, you can find a temple of almost every religion in Dubrovnik. 

Churches and cathedrals in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik's churches and cathedrals are spread over various places in Dubrovnik, and we present some of them to you: 
  • Church of the Najveštenja Marijina: It was built in 1534 and represented the ultimate achievement of the Renaissance-Gothic style 
  • Church of the Sveti Spas: It is located on the famous Stradun promenade and got its name in association with the rescue from the great fire in 1520. Legend has it that Dubrovnik's noblewomen were also involved in constructing this church, who brought the materials, stone, and wood for the building themselves. 
  • Majlis of the Islamic Community Dubrovnik: The presence of Muslims in Dubrovnik increased in 1898 after the Berlin Congress. The seat of the Muslim community is located in the Old Town, where prayers are held daily. 
  • Franciscan monastery: The Franciscan monastery was built in the Baroque style, and in its interior is the grave of the famous writer Ivan Gundulić. 
  • Synagogue: The Dubrovnik Synagogue is the oldest Sephardic synagogue in the world, while it is the second oldest in Europe. It is in Stradun, in Židovska Street, associated with Jews. 
  • Orthodox Church: The Church of the Holy Annunciation was built in 1877, and the Museum with valuable icons is located there. 
The importance of Dubrovnik's churches and cathedrals
Dubrovnik's churches and cathedrals show the great diversity and culture in Dubrovnik. During Dubrovnik's history, many rulers had the opportunity to bring with them the cultural heritage of a particular nation, which over time became part of Dubrovnik's tradition. Today, prayers and gatherings of certain religious groups are held in sacred places of worship, further encouraging the acceptance of diversity in this region. 

How to get to Dubrovnik's churches and cathedrals?
All churches and cathedrals are in different locations in Dubrovnik, and it is possible to walk to each one and enjoy the luxurious parts of the city. 
  •  Church of the Najveštenja Marijina: This church is located on the island of Lokrum and can be reached by boat from Dubrovnik. The price of one ride costs HRK 70. 
  • Church of the Sveti Spas: The Church of the Holy Savior is located on the Stradun promenade, and it can be reached on foot from any part of the city. Also, if you choose a car as a means of transportation, there is a large city parking lot a few steps away from the church. 
  • Majlis of the Islamic Community Dubrovnik: Located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the Majlis of the Islamic Community can be reached on foot or by car. 
  • Franciscan monastery: You can visit the grave of Ivan Gundulić and the Franciscan monastery on Stradun Street. A parking lot is nearby, so feel free to leave your vehicle there and enjoy the walk. 
  • Synagogue: It is located close to the historical promenade and on Židoidska Street. You can easily reach it by walking along the Stradun promenade. 
  • Orthodox Church: You will need a few steps from Stradun to reach the Orthodox Church, as well as the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy in Dubrovnik.