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Marjan represents a hill located on the western part of the Split peninsula, while it is also a peninsula and a forest park. It is situated above Split and is one of the synonyms of this city. It is often called the Holy Hill among the people and is characterized by untouched and wonderful nature. This hill abounds in various sacred and profane forms of architecture, while fields of green oases dominate the entire area.

History of Marjan
The original name of this hill is mentioned as early as the eighth century, and it reads Marianum. The name of this hill changed over the centuries, depending on historical events. Today's name Marjan was created during the 19th century. However, the first traces of life were found on a hill in this area in prehistoric times, and the first to be witnessed were the Romans. During the Middle Ages, various temples were built in the Marjan area, while in the 20th century, the hill was forested with pine.

The importance of Marjan
Today, Marjan is considered an indispensable part of Split and is viewed as such. At the same time, Marjan is a favorite excursion spot of all the people of Split and the surrounding population who spend their free days in nature. Many attractions and points of interest in Marjan are worth visiting.
  • A large number of small churches that are now cultural monuments: Given the tremendous religious activity in the Middle Ages, Marjan is today full of smaller churches. Just some of the churches are Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, Church of St. George, Church of St. Nicholas, and many others.
  • Various social institutions speak of the tourist potential of Marjan: One of the most famous institutions on Marjan hill is the Institute of Oceanography, and the Zoo and Natural History Museum are also nearby.
  • Marjan is an ideal place for picnics and recreation: Walking and running in Marjan is today one of the favorite activities of all the people of Split. It is also famous as a bathing place during the summer, while the walking tour mostly starts from Marjanska vrata.
How to get to Marjan?
Marjan is located directly above Split, so it is highly convenient to visit. It can be reached by car, public transport, or on foot.
  • By bus: It is possible to get to Marjan from the center by bus line 29. You must wait for transport at the Matoševa station, which will take you to the Spinut - Studentski dom station. From that place, you need to walk about 500 m to Marjan.
  • On foot: From the center of Split, you can easily walk to Marjan via the Bene promenade. It will take about twenty minutes.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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