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Pjaca, Split

People's Square Split - Most important information

The famous People's Square in Split, or as it is popularly called Pjaca, is one of the most popular places in Split. It is the town square, the first populated part of Split outside Diocletian's Palace. It was created during the urban expansion of the city. At the same time, the Square is filled with various historical buildings, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a favorite place for tourists.

History of the National Square in Split
The Square is next to Diocletian's Palace's western wall, and it was first mentioned in the 13th century as the Width of St. Lawrence. The pre-Romanesque church of Saint Lovre was in question, after which the Square got its name Trg Svetog Lovre. After this name, the Square got the name Trg Oružja, after the building of the City Guard, and then Gospodski trg. It got its final form and the name Pjaca in the 19th century when the city authorities demolished most of the late Gothic complex.
The importance of the National Square in Split
Today, the People's Square in Split is full of important historical buildings, each with a separate story.
  • Magnificent palaces from the Renaissance era: Magnificent residences and palaces of famous, noble families such as Ciprianis, Karepić, and Nakić still exist on the grounds of Pjaca. They were primarily made in the Gothic style, and today they perfectly reflect Split's wealth and cultural heritage.
  • The square houses one of the oldest bookstores in the world: the Morpurgo bookstore is today one of the oldest still open bookstores in the world. It has the same shape and appearance as in 1861 when it saw the light of day. Today, it has a prominent memorial and cultural significance in the city's history.
  • People's Square as a meeting place for tourists and hosts: Although the Square is one of the must-see places for tourists when visiting the city, you will often meet the people of Split here enjoying a conversation and a coffee. As Pjaca used to be the central gathering place for intellectuals and all those who wanted to be seen, today, it exudes a glorious history and many visitors.
How to get to the National Square in Split?
The Square is located close to Diocletian's Palace and only 200 meters from the Split waterfront and the Jadran coast. There are many cultural and social sights in its immediate vicinity, and it is highly walkable and easy to reach by car, public transport, or on foot. There are several parking places nearby where you can leave your vehicle.
  • By bus: It is possible to reach the National Square by bus line 1, and it is possible to go from the Domovinskog rata station to the Hnk ​​Izlaz station. The station is about 200 meters away from the Square, so it will take you less than 5 minutes to walk to the Square.
  • On foot: If you are coming from the suburbs of Split, it will take about ten minutes to walk to the Square. Domovinskog rata Street will lead you straight to Pjaca. 


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