Sea organ - Most important information
The sea organ in Zadar represents an original and unusual combination of architecture and music. It is an architectural achievement whose organ sound is created with the help of the energy of the sea, waves, and tides. The sea organ is located on the western shore of the Zadar waterfront, not far from other city attractions.

History of the Sea Organ
Today, the sea organ and its sound are one of Zadar's most essential attractions. Sunsets in Zadar have a unique charm on the coast since everyone enjoys the sound of this event. The importance of this attraction is also attributed to the fact that Nikola Bašić received the European Award for Public Urban Space, which confirms the originality of this achievement.
  • The idea of ​​the Sea Organ belongs to the engineer Nikola Bašić: The idea for such an architectural and musical achievement came from the engineer Nikola Bašić, and various engineers and connoisseurs of music helped him in the realization of this project. Namely, during the construction of the western part of this peninsula, Nikola Bašić assumed that the famous sea organ could be heard at this place due to the location and specificity of the site itself. The sound is produced by the fact that each sequence has embedded pipes in the quay, which emit different sounds under the influence of the sea.
  • The Sea Organ was officially presented in 2005: The official opening of the Sea Organ took place in April 2005 on the Zadar waterfront. The budget of the Croatian state financed this project, and the expansion of the pier was also done.
How to get to the Sea Organ?
You won't have trouble finding this attraction, as its central location makes it easy to spot.  
  • On foot: The sea organ is located on the seashore, close to the famous Salutation to the Sun. Since they are located on the Istrian coast, a walk by the sea will bring you to it.  


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  • Brige
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