Nacionalni park Kornati

Butina 2, Zadar

Kornati National Park - Most important information

The Kornati National Park consists of a larger group of Kornati islands located in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. The islands are located south of Zadar, in northern Dalmatia. Out of the entire area of ​​the park, only a tiny part is land, while the rest belongs to the marine ecosystem.

History of Kornati National Park
Tourism within the Kornati National Park slowly but surely entered the seventies of the last century, when significant changes took place on the island.
  • The Kornati Park was declared a National Park in 1980: The first written proposal for the declaration of the Kornati National Park dates back to 1965 when the beauty and untouched nature of the park was evidenced. In 1980, the park received National Park status, including Donje Kornati and the southeastern end of Dugi Otok.
  • Kornati National Park as a Croatian tourism brand: Kornati National Park today represents the tourist brand of Croatia, and its appearance and attractiveness attract many tourists. In addition, its great traditional and cultural values ​​highlight it as a special, above all, unique part of the whole of Croatia. 
Characteristics of Kornati National Park
Today, the Kornati National Park represents a rare example of preserved nature and fertile land.
  • Over time, the Kornati National Park has become a vital tourist stronghold: The main changes in the life of the island's inhabitants took place in the 1970s, when young people left in search of better education, and more and more older people were employed in the tourism sector. Because of this, animal husbandry and the economy on the island were abandoned, and today there is only one vineyard in the field near Suha punta. Residents turned to tourism en masse and remodeled their houses for tourist purposes.
  • A great wealth of flora and fauna adorns this National Park: Flora and fauna are an indispensable part of every corner of this National Park, and in every place, you can meet different animal species, as well as rare examples of vegetation, such as the kacunovica orchid.
How to get to Kornati National Park?
Kornati National Park is located at a distance of about seven nautical miles from Murter, and it is about fifteen nautical miles from Zadar and Šibenik. It is possible to reach the National Park by personal or rented vehicle, i.e. by boat.
  • By boat: The Kornati National Park can be reached by boat, both your own and rented. In addition, numerous shipping companies and various travel agencies organize transport to the Kornati island, as well as excursions in the park area. More detailed information about shipping companies and travel agencies that have a contract for work in the area of ​​the National Park can be obtained in the premises of the public institution Kornati National Park in Murter. 


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  • Museum


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