Kur-salon - the most important information 

Under the patronage of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic, the “Kur-salon” was built in 1932 in Banja Koviljaca. It was designed by architects Olga and Nikola Krasnov and Dragoslav Djordjevic. The inspiration for its construction was the Viennese "Kur salon", but the salon in the Banja Koviljaca was conceived from the beginning as a place for entertainment. The idea was to organize various events and balls for guests and wealthier people.  Until the period of the Second World War, it was regularly visited by the Karadjordjevic family, which is why Banja Koviljaca itself was also known as the "royal spa". After the recent renovations, the salon is back to its old glory and is ready to host various types of events.

History of Kur-salon
The first casino in the Balkans was also opened in the salon, and various events were organized, such as the first pageant for Miss Yugoslavia. Regular visitors to the salon were Zanka Stokic, Branislav Nusic, Dobrica Milutinovic, as well as many generals and ministers. During that period, the popular singer Sofka Nikolic hosted the entertainment program and entertained the guests with her music. The feminist fights of Yugoslav women began here, as the Congresses of Yugoslav Women were held in the Kur-salon.

The salon was inspiring for the directors, Emir Kusturica shot his award-winning film "Father on a Business Trip" here; Zdravko Sotra's series "Invincible Heart" is set in the salon.

The salon building was neglected for many years to the point of almost being torn down. A Special hospital for rehabilitation planned to provide funds that would, with the additional help of the state, help to rebuild the salon. In 2016 it was decided to give the Special hospital management of villas "Bosna", "Koviljaca" and "Kur-salon", an administrative building and an old mud bath. In December 2018, the complete reconstruction of the salon was completed with the help of the state.

What to visit
Today in the salon it is possible to organize private events, enjoy conferences and congresses, bohemian and festive evenings, concerts and cultural events. Video productions and photography are also enabled in the salon that consists of:
  • Salons named "Princess Zorka", "Queen Marija", "Ivo Andric", "Njegos"
  • Halls called "King Alexander" and "King Peter"
  • Bar "Karadjordje"
  • Restaurant with 220 seats
  • Boardroom with 150 seats
  • 4 lounges
  • 2 summer terraces
  • Large parking lot
How to get to Kur-salon?
The salon is located in the center of the park in Banja Koviljaca which makes the walk to it a fun activity on it's own. Because of this location there is no need to use any method of transportation except walking.

Working hours
Salon is open for guests on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 am to 11 pm, and on weekdays it stays open until 10 pm.