Park u Banji Koviljači

Narodnog fronta, Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca Park - the most important information 

In the central part of Banja Koviljaca is its recognizable symbol, a park similar to the parks of Western Europe. The central part of the park covers an area of 20 hectares, and the forest below it covers 40 hectares. The park, as a spatial and cultural historical entity, is under state protection.

History of the Banja Koviljaca park
This area has not always been covered by a beautifully landscaped park. Until the middle of the 19th century, wetland-like vegetation was located there and spread unpleasant sulfur odors far around. The smells did not bother the travelers who often came to visit because even then it was known that the spa springs were healing. Springs of sulfur, copper and iron water brought people who gladly came to the swampy valley, even though they called it "Smrda bara".

When Banja Koviljaca was placed on the map of quality health center spas at the beginning of the 20th century, the park itself was arranged. It has a radial base and was done according to a plan that strategically arranged all the buildings in its surroundings. When the landscaping had just begun, it was not allowed to build villas even on the edges of the park. The paths of the promenade lead to the fount, which is one of the main panoramic parts of the spa. The fount was replaced by a fountain in the 1960s, and decorative bronze lion heads have been preserved and built into a nearby fountain. The paths themselves were sprinkled with golden gravel and as such formed the appearance of the crown. Today, that appearance has not been preserved, the diagonal paths between the mud bath and the villa "Dalmacija" are buried.

The best spots in Banja Koviljaca park
Due to its rich vegetation, the park is an open-air nature museum. As it is ideal for long relaxing walks, various renovated villas and historical monuments are unavoidable. It contains:
  • Over 80 species of trees
  • Spacious grassy areas and flower arrangements. 
  • Villa "Dalmatia" 
  • Villa "Herzegovina"
  •  The baths of King Peter I, which have been renovated and are located within the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation
  • Luxurious Kur-salon.
How to get to Banja Koviljaca Park?
The location of the park itself is one of its best attributes. As it covers the central part of Banja Koviljaca, it is possible to reach it on foot and it is not necessary to use any method of transportation. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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