Kupatilo kralja Petra I

Park 4, Banja Koviljaca

Bath of King Petar I Karadjordjevic - the most important information

Built on the initiative of King Peter I Karadjordjevic, this sulfur bath building is located in Vrnjacka Banja. With its architecture, it enriches the panoramic view of the Banja Koviljaca. The building has retained its original appearance and today houses a wellness center that can be enjoyed by all visitors in the same way as the king himself and his prominent guests did.

History of the bath of King Petar I Karadjordjevic
The construction of the bathroom lasted in the period 1904-1908 and was financed from the state treasury. The significance of these baths was reflected in the fact that it influenced the improvement of the conditions for medical treatments in Banja Koviljaca. Three years after construction, porcelain bathtubs, mud baths, massages and electro-massages were available in the bathroom. Since 1908, King Petar Karadjordjevic has regularly visited the bathroom to enjoy all the treatments it provides, but this has sometimes affected the schedule of his state affairs. The bathtub he used has been preserved and can be used today on request. The most noticeable part of the architecture of the building is certainly the central dome above the main entrance.

What to visit at the bath of King Petar I Karadjordjevic?

Wellness center Kovilje, which is located in the bathroom building, covers more than 1500 square meters. At this center, you can enjoy individual treatments, treatment packages that include a range of services, modern treatment technologies and a team of doctors that is always available. It includes:
  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Two saunas
  • Fitness center
  • Pool bar
How to get to the bath of King Petar I Karadjordjevic?
The bath is located in the park of Banja Koviljaca, a few minutes walk from the Kur-salon and the Rehabilitation Center. Due to the nature of this location, it is not necessary to use any means of transport except walking, and the walk to the bathroom and Wellness Center is a special pleasure.

Opening hours of the bath of King Petar I Karadjordjevic
Wellness center Kovilje works every day from 08:00 to 22:00