Memorijalna galerija bitke na Drini

Narodnog fronta bb, Banja Koviljaca

Memorial gallery of the battle on Drina - the most important information 

With an address in Banja Koviljaca, this gallery is a museum exhibit that looks back at the Battle on Drina from the beginning of the 20th century. The objects that make up the exhibition and the tour guide take visitors through the history of the First World War.

History of the Memorial gallery of the battle on Drina
The citizens' association of the same name launched an initiative to establish the Gallery in 2012. The idea of this association was to bring the events from the First World War that took place in the vicinity of Banja Koviljaca closer to the visitors through the exhibition. The gallery is housed in the old post office building and the original exhibition was spread over 68 square meters, but after the addition of new pieces in 2014, it was expanded to 110 square meters.

Significance of the Memorial gallery of the battle on Drina
  • Members of the association of citizens realized the importance of the battle on the Drina from 1914 and, by founding the Gallery, saved it from oblivion.
  • The gallery contains a hall for guest exhibitions where it hosts exhibitions that contribute the illumination of the history of the First World War, and the souvenir shop that works within the Gallery sells books about the battle on Drina.
Don't miss:
When visiting the gallery, it is possible to see a permanent exhibition consisting of:
  • Copies of documents and diagrams
  • Photos from the First World War
  • Military equipment
  • Replicas of military uniforms of the Serbian and Austro-Hungarian armies
  • Rifles taken from the Drina
  • Bayonets from Gucevo and Mackov kamen
  • Flasks
Working hours: 
  • The gallery is open every day, except Mondays from 17:00 to 20:00
How to get to the Memorial gallery of the battle on Drina?
Narodnog Fronta Street goes along the park in Banja Koviljaca and cuts Marsala Tita Street, so a walk to the Gallery is the best option and it is not necessary to use vehicles for transport.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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