Moravica River - the most important information

Moravica is one of the rivers with great tourist potential. As it flows through several settlements, numerous tourist facilities, beaches, and approaches for fishermen have been built near its banks. Like the river itself, the region through which it flows abounds in monuments of natural beauty and cultural significance, which delight everyone who walks along its course.

The origin of the river Moravica

Moravica springs at the foot of the mountain Devica in the place Vreo - Istoci. The source of this river itself is specific in the spilled shape formed by numerous underground springs. Moravica is about 60 km long, it flows through Sokobanja and Aleksinac, and at the end of its course, it flows into Juzna Morava.

The most beautiful places near Moravica
What distinguishes the coast of Moravica are the beautifully arranged beaches, so if you want to refresh yourself on this river, visit one of these places:
  • Zupan Beach - a place in Sokobanja known for its very clear water. This beach is suitable for both adults, children, and non-swimmers who enjoy swimming in the shallows. Along it rise rocks from which the bravest visitors jump into the water.
  • Tesnac Beach - this place has a characteristic name (meaning: gorge) because Moravica is the narrowest near this beach. Regardless of that, Tesnac is a popular place for swimming and diving.
  • Dzentlemen Beach (Gentleman's Beach) - set apart from other beaches and hidden from view, this place is most loved by those who like to relax in a peaceful environment.
  • Lepterija Beach - also a very popular place for swimming within the beautiful natural complex in Sokobanja.
Most of the beaches on Moravica are arranged with benches and pavilions and surrounded by cafes and restaurants. That is why both old and young come to this river to have fun, refresh themselves or simply relax in the shade.
What to see
Apart from beaches, Moravica is also known for:
  • Healing springs - which outflow and spring from the river along its entire course
  • Fishing spots - Moravica is rich in white fish, especially chub, common nase, and brown trout.
    • Trout pond - near the source of Moravica, there is a place where trout is farmed.
You can see other sights of this area in the vicinity, so don't miss visiting:
  • Sokograd - Serbian medieval town in Sokobanja, located in the area of ​​Lepterija.
  • Hajduk Veljko's cave - within the natural district of Lepterija in Sokobanja.
  • The medieval town of Bolvan - near the Bovan town, between Sokobanja and Aleksinac.
  • Lake Bovansko Jezero - which Moravica forms near the place Bovan, between Sokobanja and Aleksinac.
How to get to the river Moravica
As Moravica passes through many places between Sokobanja and Aleksinac, you can reach its shores in different ways.
  • By car: you can reach any place through which this river flows by car.
  • By bus lines: local bus lines can take you to the settlement through which Moravica flows.
  • Taxi lines: on the territory of Sokobanja and Aleksinac:
    • Sokobanja: Cool Green Taxi - 069 636215; Taxi Gemini - 062 303133
    • Aleksinac: Taxi Roki - 061 6005082; Alo Alo Taxi- 063 8882088
Additional information
The part where the river Moravica flows into lake Bovansko Jezero is a hatchery where fishing is prohibited from March 1 to July 1.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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