Seselačka pećina

Seselac, Sokobanja

Cave Seselacka Pecina - the most important information

Near Sokobanja, in the village of Seselac, there is a speleological object that is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Apart from being pleasant and richly decorated with cave jewelry, cave Seselacka Pecina is located in an ideal location, so you can easily find it. It is nicely arranged for visitors, so you will certainly not be disappointed when you visit it.

Characteristics of the cave Seselacka Pecina
This cave has a pleasant appearance and is rich in limestone figures. Its hallways are high and spacious, so it’s a real pleasure to walk around. In addition, all the main canals have artificial light in the length of about 200m, which helps the tour and safely guides visitors through the interior. The Seselacka Pecina is also refreshed by the river, which springs and dives into cuts along its channels.

What to see
The Seselacka Pecina is nicely decorated with limestone jewelry that will surely delight you, and under artificial lighting, the whole impression of the cave becomes even better. What you will surely see in the interior are:
  • Stalactites and stalagmites - characteristic cave jewelry that you can see on the floor and ceiling of the hallway.
  • Limestone tubs - which are sometimes filled with fresh water from the submerged river.
  • Bat colonies - which you can see in the hollow of the cave during the summer.
The surroundings of the cave are what tourists especially come to visit. At the entrance to the cave, there is a beautiful picnic area with tables, benches, and a fountain, where you can relax and refresh yourself. There are also places for grilling, so visitors often spend the whole day by the cave, enjoying the ambiance.

Around the cave, there are walking paths, and not far from this picnic area you can find:
  • Ethno restaurant "Pecura" - which works seasonally.
  • Artificial lake - with a lot of swimmers in summer.
How to get to the cave Seselacka Pecina
Seselacka Pecina is one of the easily accessible places, which is why it is ideal for a family tour. You can reach it:
  • By car: on the road between Sokobanja and Knjazevac, there is a turnoff for the village of Seselac. The road that leads through this village passes by the signpost for Seselacka Pecina, from where macadam leads to its entrance.
  • On foot: if you are in the village of Seselac, you can also walk from the signpost to the cave because the trail is not too demanding.
Ticket price: entrance to the cave is free.

Additional information
When you visit Seselacka Pecina, you will see that it is part of an invigorating environment where you can enjoy all the pleasures of a truly peaceful picnic area.

According to the legend, the cave Seselacka Pecina was also the residence of hajduk groups that hid in its hollows looking for refreshment.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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