Park šuma "Čuka 2"

Sportska ulica, Sokobanja

Forest Park "Cuka II" - the most important information

On the slopes of the mountain Ozren, in Sokobanja, there is a unique complex - Forest Park "Cuka II". This area is characterized by a combination of park elements and forest elements, so it provides space for various activities and sports. As it keeps freshness and shade throughout the year, visitors are happy to spend time in this park with family, children, and pets.

History of the park
The forest park "Cuka II" is placed on a slight slope near the Special Hospital "Sokobanja". This space is equipped with pavilions and wooden benches surrounded by fragrant evergreen trees. As such, this place is a great combination of forest idyll and a beautifully trimmed park.

The most beautiful places in the park
This forest park is designed as a space for walking, relaxation, and play. The grassy area is intersected by walking and jogging paths, and in every corner, you can find a place for sitting, dining, and picnics. "Cuka II" offers a little something for everyone:
  • Wooden benches and pavilions
  • The walking path Staza zdravlja
  • Bicycle path
  • Playground for children
  • Playground for pets
Apart from the numerous activities it offers, this park is a healing place as well. Its climate is famous for winds with a high concentration of negative ions and healthy radioactivity of Thermo mineral waters. The conifers such as spruce, fir, and pine purify the park's air, so simply being in this environment is already healthy.

For those who want to stay close to such a place, there is the possibility of accommodation in Villa "Akademik", in the very heart of the park.

How to get to the park
Forest Park "Cuka II" is located in the settlement of Cuka, between Milos Crnjanski Street and Sportska Street.
  • By car: The road for vehicles surrounds the entire park, so there are several ways to approach it.
  • Taxi lines: Cool Green Taxi - 069 636215; Taxi Gemini - 062 30313
  • On foot: you can reach the park on foot, alone, or on organized tours.
Working hours: 24h
Ticket price: free entrance


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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