Spomenik Stevanu Sremcu i Kalči

Kopitareva, Nis

The Monument of Stevan Sremac and Kalca - the most important information 

A monument to the writer Stevan Sremac and his friend Kalca was erected on the site of the house of Zivko Mijalkovic, a rich craftsman from Nis whom the people know as "Gazda Ivko". The monument is the work of sculptor Ivan Felker and is made of bronze. It welcomes tourists and residents of Nis at the beginning of Kazandzijsko sokace and it is an ideal place for a creative picture.

History of the Monument of Stevan Sremac and Kalca
Stevan Sremac (1855-1906) was a writer from the era of realism, a comedy writer and an academic. He was born in Senta, was a professor in Nis, Pirot and Belgrade, and as a volunteer he participated in the wars in the 1800s. In his thirties, he started writing and publishing. His works Ivkova slava, Pop Cira and Pop Spira and Zona Zamfirova have been made into movies and had a great success. Sremac lived in Nis from 1879 to 1892 and found inspiration in taverns and craft shops among the people. In his work, he often mentions his friend Mikail Nikolic Kalca, a goldsmith and hunter. Kalca came to Nis from his native Macedonia and was a famous hedonist in Nis. It was known that Kalca's stories should not always be believed as a whole as he had a tendency to exaggerate real events and turn stories into spectacles. The great and long-standing friendship between Sremac and Kalca is immortalized by this monument.

Significance of the Monument of Stevan Sremac and Kalca
  • Stevan Sremac left a significant mark on the culture of the city of Nis and thus deserved a bronze statue that Nis residents will pass and admire every day.
  • This statue shows Stevan Sremec, Kalca and his faithful dog Capa still enjoying a lively story.
  • An empty chair is also a part of the monument’s installation and it welcomes visitors to sit on it and imagine themselves having a chat and a laugh with Sremac and Kalca.
How to get to the Monument of Stevan Sremac and Kalca?
The monument is located just a few minutes walk from the center of Nis. If you come from the periphery, you can use a taxi service.
  • On foot: from the city center through Nikole Pasica Street it takes only 5 minutes to reach Sremac and Kalca.
  • Taxi stations: Prvi Taxi 018/4500005, Bros Taxi 018/4155541, City Taxi 0800/000022 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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