Fortress Sabacka Tvrdjava - the most important information

The fortification in Sabac, like many fortresses in Serbia, has a lot to tell about the history of this region. The changes in government that took place in this territory are still engraved in these walls, which is why this fort is a favorite destination for history lovers, experts, and tourists who want to feel the spirit of some past times.

History of the fortress
The original fortress which was built on a hill near the river Sava was called Zaslon, and the year of its construction is not known. The remains that lie in the same place today belong to a newer version of the fortress built by Isa-beg Isakovic in 1471. Since then, this fortification has changed many rulers and has suffered constant struggles for supremacy between Turks, Serbs, and Austro-Hungarians.

Significance of the fortress
The names of this fortress also testify to its appearance and function. Isa-beg Isakovic built it in the shape of a quadrangle, as a characteristic river fortress, and gave it the name Bigir Delen (Wing Side Breaker). The fortress served its purpose as a defensive point for more than four centuries, and today it finally gets the function of a peaceful tourist attraction. Its beauty is displayed by one of its names - Sabac, which in Turkish means "something very beautiful".

What to see
Today, the fortress in Sabac proudly lies in a beautiful environment that is developing more and more in terms of tourism. The southern half of the fortress and all the round towers with ramparts withstood the weather and the circumstances. It still radiates a unique beauty, and people often like to rest in the shadows of its walls.

In the vicinity of the fortress, you can find other offers of Sabac. About a kilometer from the walls, there is a recreation center that will provide you with space for picnics and sports, and there are several fine restaurants nearby. In one easy walk along the Sava River, you will come across all the beauties of the old part of the town, Stari Grad, that will complete your vacation.
  • Restaurant "Tvrdjava"
  • Beach Bar
  • Shooting Club "Cer"
  • Volleyball courts
  • Sabac fairgrounds
How to get to the fortress
You can reach Sabac from several directions, over the bridge or by roads from the surrounding places. You can approach the fortress to some extent by car, but on the tour, you must go on foot.
  • By car: from the roundabout of Janka Veselinovica Street you can go down to Savska or Od Starog Most Ispod Street which leads to the fortress.
  • On foot: the entire area along the river, which includes the fortress, bars, and picnic places can be reached on foot.
Working hours: 24h

Additional information
Organized tours can take you on a tour of the fortress in Sabac, during which you can learn a lot about the history of this fortification and the town of Sabac.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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