Dunjića kuća

Nušićeva, Sabac

House Dunjica Kuca - the most important information

The house of Mihailo Dunjic is one of the private housing units that have become part of the cultural heritage. It is characterized by luxurious appearance, rich content, and surroundings, which is why it is one of the most prominent attractions of Sabac.

History of the house
This residence was raised in 1920 by doctor Mihailo Dunjic. Apart from being a successful surgeon, history remembers him as a participant in the First World War, a sanitary lieutenant colonel, and the director of the Sabac hospital. At the beginning of the 20th century, this house where Dunjic lived was bought by the city of Sabac, and since then it has had the role of the City House.

Significance of the house

House Dunjica Kuca bears the memory of one great man of Serbian history, a great expert in the field of medicine and a brave participant in the war. In addition, due to its Neo-Renaissance style of construction, it can be included among the most beautiful architectural works in the area. That is exactly why it is today the building of a city institution, and in addition, it represents an exhibition space for works of art.

What to see
In this house, today's City Hall, you can see a permanent exhibition of 77 paintings from the cycle "Gradovi Evrope i Amerike (Cities of Europe and America)". Branko Lala Stanković donated these beautiful landscapes to the city of Sabac. In addition, here you can see the famous painting "Cigancica (Gypsy)" by Stevan Calic.

How to get to the house
House Dunjica Kuca is located in the center of Sabac, among other attractions of the city.
  • By car: from the roundabout to the house lead streets Kneza Milosa and Vlade Jovanovica. From the street Vlade Jovanovica, you can turn into Nusiceva Ulica, a dead-end street where this building is located.
  • By taxi: Taxi Dimitrijevic Sasa 015 / 336-211; Taxi Blagojevic Milan 015 / 323-341;
  • On foot: you can walk the same streets and reach the house from the center in just a few minutes.
Working hours: from 7 am to 7 pm

In the vicinity of the house Dunjica Kuca there are many other attractions that you can easily reach:


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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