Narodni muzej u Šapcu

Masarikova 13, Sabac

National Museum - the most important information

The National Museum in Sabac is located in the center of this city, in the street Masarikova Ulica. It is housed in a building that has always been of great importance for education and literacy and today is a center rich in cultural content.

History of the museum
The building of the Semi-Gymnasium, which was founded in 1857, was located on the site of today's museum. Throughout history, this building has also served as a hospital and administration for the needs of the army. Museum exhibits have been collected and preserved here for a long time, and since 1955, this building has officially become the National Museum of Sabac.

Significance of the museum

The museum stands out with its appearance, but also with its unique content. The Museum building was built in the style of Central European architecture, with arches, arched openings, and characteristic facade decorations. That is why this building is appreciated in the world of architecture, art, and culture.

Museum exhibitions
The National Museum diligently collects exhibits in its extensive collection and today has over ten thousand items. It consists of six units that symbolically represent the passage through several epochs. The museum settings are as follows:
  • Permanent exhibition - various exhibits from the period of prehistory until 1985.
  • Sarenica - ethnographic collection with folk costumes and utensils of this region
  • Sabacki Vremeplov - Bastina za Buducnost (Sabac time machine - heritage for the future) - exhibits that testify to the history of Sabac and its surroundings in several segments:
    • Vremeplov Time machine
    • Tvrdjava Fortress
    • Sabac
    • Street Gospodar Jevremova Ulica 
    • Mali Pariz Little Paris
    • Stradanja Suffering
    • Sarenica
In addition to the settings on the ground floor of the museum there are:
  • Multimedia hall
  • Gallery space
Opening hours and ticket price
The ticket price depends on the type of the ticket:
  • Single: 150din
  • Pupils, students, and pensioners: 100 dinars
  • Group (minimum 10 people): 100din
  • Individual ticket with expert guidance: 500 dinars
  • Group ticket with expert guidance: 250 dinars
The museum is open from 8 am to 7 pm on Mondays and Fridays, and from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.

How to get to the museum
You can reach the museum very easily because it is located in the center of Sabac. In the immediate vicinity is the church Crkva Svetih Apostola Petra i Pavla.
  • By car: you can come through the street Masarikova Ulica.
  • By taxi: Taxi Dimitrijevic Sasa 015 / 336-211; Taxi Blagojevic Milan 015 / 323-341;
  • On foot: as it is located in the center, you can easily reach the museum on foot.
The surroundings
Sabac is a city rich in cultural events, so while you are here, do not miss to visit:


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  • Brige
  • Museum


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