Gospodar Jevremova ulica

Gospodar Jevremova, Sabac

Street Gospodar Jevremova Ulica - the most important information

Gospodar Jevremova Ulica represents a single entity that has received the status of a cultural and historical property due to its buildings and monuments. Today, this space has an authentic appearance, which has undergone many changes throughout history and has been revitalized several times.

History of the street
Street Gospodar Jevremova Ulica was named after Jevrem Obrenovic in 1890. As it has always been part of the center Sabac, many people have been passing through it. Trade and public life of citizens developed in this street, especially those who were more prominent and built their houses here.

The significance of the street
Its original appearance was of the oriental type until the second half of the 19th century when it began to transform under the influence of Central European architecture. At the beginning of the 20th century, modern buildings began to appear, threatening to completely extinguish the authentic look of the street. In this process of new construction, the residence of the Jevrem Obrenovic was demolished. That triggered the initiative to protect the street from modern influences and preserve its characteristic appearance. Today, this area has been renovated and put under protection as a cultural and historical entity.

What to see

In the process of renovation of Gospodar Jevremova Ulica, a good part of the old look was revived. All the buildings in the street got the same characteristic look of the facade and decoration. Today, you will recognize this street by its anthropomorphic, geometric, and floral decorations. The most prominent elements of street architecture are human figures that can be seen within all the most luxurious buildings. In one walk through Gospodar Jevremova Ulica, you can come across legally protected buildings such as:
  • Podrinje District Administration Building
  • District Court Building
  • The building of the First National Pharmacy
  • Cultural Center building
  • House of Palve Stanic
  • Krsmanovic's house
  • Samurovic's house
In addition to the monumental objects in Gospodar Jevremova, you can rest in one of the bars:
  • Art Caffe
  • Live & Office Caffe
  • Bellagio
  • St. Tropez
There are also shops, pharmacies, banks, etc.

How to get to the street
This street is located in the heart of Sabac as a cultural center and a busy promenade. You can reach it in several ways.
  • By car: via street Ulica Stojana Novakovica you can reach the promenade of the street Gospodar Jevremova Ulica. The second access to this street is through the Masarikova Ulica.
  • By taxi: Taxi Dimitrijevic Sasa 015 / 336-211; Taxi Blagojevic Milan 015 / 323-341;
  • On foot: the street itself is a promenade through which it is not allowed to go by vehicle.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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