Šabačka biblioteka

Masarikova 18, Sabac

Library in Sabac - the most important information

The Library in Sabac is another institution housed in a building with a magnificent appearance and turbulent history. From the construction to the placement of the Library in this building, it played the role of the center of culture, education, and literacy of the citizens of Sabac.

History of the library
The building in which the Library is located today was built in 1849, and it originally served as the building of the Sabac-Valjevo episcopate. In 1886, it became part of the Gymnasium. From that moment, the episcopate building Vladicanski Dvor passed through the hands of many owners - church, school, the army. It was also used to house soldiers and as a place of worship until 1955, when the Citaliste (Reading Room) was housed in it.

Significance of the library
In addition to being considered a literacy center, this building is considered one of the oldest public buildings. Since its construction, it has performed many functions, and today it preserves a lot of historical data about Sabac and its surroundings. This Library that showed up here laid the foundations for the Museum and the Archives of Sabac.

Library content
First as a Reading Room and then as a Library, this institution has nurtured a large library fund for years. Unfortunately, in 1914, most of what had been collected got burned down, and the library was renovated in 1928. Today it consists of collections divided into several parts:
  • 175,000 books
  • Collection of periodicals
  • Old and rare books
In addition, there is Zavicajni Odeljak (The Homeland Department), where documents and periodicals related to the history, culture, and life of the people of Sabac are kept.

Working Hours
You can visit the Library from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays from 7 am to 2 pm.

How to get to the library
The Library is located in the street Masarikova Ulica, near the museum of Sabac. You can reach it:
  • By car: you can reach the street Masarikova Ulica via the main road Janka Veselinovica.
  • By taxi: Taxi Dimitrijevic Sasa 015 / 336-211; Taxi Blagojevic Milan 015 / 323-341;
  • On foot: you can reach the Library on foot because it is located in the center of Sabac.
Additional information
In addition to keeping books and records, the Library in Sabac also organizes various events, literary evenings, exhibitions, and plays.

The surroundings

In the center of Sabac, there are numerous attractions of historical, cultural, and tourist significance. Don't miss to see:


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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