Spomenik 5.junskoj tragediji

Save Nemanjića, Smederevo

Monument of June 5 Tragedy - The most important information

From the moment of its creation, the city of Smederevo has occupied a very important place in Serbian history. We only remember that it used to be the seat of the Serbian despotate and that with its fall into Turkish hands, the Serbian medieval state also fell. Unfortunately, this city suffered great losses during the wars played in the last century. Smederevo is a city that has never forgotten its victims and its heroes, dedicating several monuments to them. Such is the Monument to the June 5 tragedy, about which you can find out more at this place.

History of the Monument
The monument to the June 5 tragedy was erected in 1973, and it is dedicated to the victims of the explosion that happened during the Second World War, in the Smederevo Fortress. The author of this monument is the sculptor Selimir Jovanović, who, fortunately, survived the explosion. The real circumstances that led to this accident on June 5, 1941, are still unknown. At that time, equipment, weapons, ammunition and gasoline of the former Yugoslav Royal Army were captured in the fortress, which was to be transferred to Germany. This warehouse flew into the air that day under unexplained circumstances. 2,500 people lost their lives, while twice as many were injured.

How to get to the Monument?
The monument to the June 5 tragedy is located on the road between the Smederevo Museum and the Smederevo Fortress. If you ever come to this city, stop by this place for a few minutes and pay tribute to these innocent victims, who lost their lives just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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