Muzej u Smederevu

Omladinska 4, Smederevo

Museum in Smederevo - The most important information 

You have arrived in Smederevo and you do not know which landmark you would visit before! Don't worry, we are here to help you. Why not start from the Smederevo Museum to begin with? It is located in Omladinska Street, near the bus station.

History of the museum
The museum in Smederevo was founded by the decision of the City People's Committee on April 12, 1950. Its first name was the National Museum. By the decision of the Assembly of the Municipality of Smederevo from 1972, the Museum in Smederevo was given its current name, as well as the new building in Omladinska Street No. 4, which until then had been the Jadran Hotel. In 2005, the activity of this museum expanded with the formation of the Gallery of Contemporary Art, located on the central town square.

Feature and characteristics
The Smederevo Museum includes: natural history, archeology, numismatics, history, ethnology and art collection, as well as a collection of contemporary art. In his exhibition halls, chronologically and thematically exhibited material from prehistory and antiquity to the present day. An important place is occupied by an exhibition that covers the medieval period of despot Djurdj Brankovic. It is located in the hall on the first floor. In addition to the model of the Smederevo Fortress, there are also stone gulads used in battles with the Turks, rifles, copies, as well as the originals of the concluded contracts, among which the copy of the Esfigmen Charter, an important historical and legal document stands out. Despot Djuradj is depicted on that charter with his wife Jerina and their children. Thanks to the illustrations of the Esfigmen Charter, the figure of the despot of Smederevo has been preserved.

How to get to the museum?
The Smederevo Museum is located a few steps from the main bus station, so you can easily reach it. Behind it is the Smederevo Fortress, so we advise you to arm yourself with knowledge from this museum, and then straight to the fortress, where you can use it, imagining in your head the time of despot Djuradj and the Serbian despotate.

Additional information
The museum in Smederevo keeps objects of great importance and value, so you can see: a gold coin of Septimius Severus, the head of the god Janus, hoards of Roman money from different periods, several unique medieval pottery, as well as parts of weapons and equipment from the First Serbian Uprising.
This Museum is open to visitors every day except Monday. You can visit it on weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, and on weekends from 10 am to 3 pm.


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  • Brige
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