Pasha's Konak - Basic Information

Pasha's Konak (residence) is located in Vranje, and it consists of two buildings that were erected in 1765 by order of Raif-beg Ginoli. The buildings are on the same property. Due to its characteristic appearance, which is reflected in the type of Balkan-Oriental architecture, it is almost impossible not to notice it.

Who was the boarding house intended for?
The two buildings that make up this magnificent residence are called Selamluk and Haremluk. The names come from the Turkish language, and the purpose of these houses has its roots in the Turkish tradition. Namely, Selamluk was accommodation for male members of the pasha's family, while Haremluk was intended for the stay of women, children and servants.
Both buildings have a ground floor and a first floor, spacious rooms can be reached through the hall, and between them there are smaller rooms, so-called chimneys, which were used to heat the house. In Haremluk there is also Divanhana, a room that was used for rest and stay of women.

Residence today
Residence was bought by Bishop Paisija and given to the city. Since 1881, it has housed, first the Gymnasium, and then the Municipality of the City of Vranje. After all these changes, from 1960 until today, in the part where Selamluk was, there is the National Museum.

Additional information
The residence was opened within the National Museum of Vranje. Currently, due to maintenance, the museum is not available to visitors. Nevertheless, additional information on visits, collections and reopening for visitors can be found by calling the National Museum of Vranje on the phone number 017 / 424-018

How to get to Pasha's residence
The residence is located in the city center, 300 meters from the City Park and the main city street.
  • You can reach it on foot in 3 minutes, if you start from Partizanska Street, turn into Makedonska Street and then into Pionirska Street. 
You can get from the main bus station after a 30-minute walk, passing Đure Salaj, Filipa Filipovića Street, Partizanski put and 29 November Street.
  • If you decide to call a taxi, you can do so via the phone numbers of some of the taxi associations in the city.
Halo taxi 063 / 7-400-400; OK Taxi 061 / 4201-111; My Taxi 017 7101101


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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