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Pionirska 1, Vranje

National Museum Vranje - the most important information

The institution of the National Museum of Vranje is located in the famous Vranje building of Pasha's konak. In the building of Selamluk, which once served as accommodation for male members of Pasha's family, today there are numerous exhibits that mark the history of Vranje.

History of the National Museum Vranje
In the past, the Selamluk building from the 18th century housed the Gymnasium, and then the Municipal Assembly, and finally, in 1960, it was turned into the National Museum. And with full right, because the building itself is a testimony of a long time ago.
The Museum-House of Bora Stankovic and the Gallery of the National Museum are also under the management of the National Museum.

Museum exhibition
Within the museum there are exhibits that belong to the archaeological, numismatic, ethnological, historical and collection of contemporary painting. You can see various tools, weapons, objects for everyday use, village costumes, coins and archeological collections that cover the time range from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages.
In the halls of the museum there are parts of the archeological collection that count various objects from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages, among which are fragments of ceramics, tombstones, pitos (ceramic vessels for storing food and liquids), tools.
The ethnological collection includes various types of costumes of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as items for everyday use and furniture.
The numismatic collection consists of many different coins found in the Pčinja district.
On the floor of the museum there is a Living Room, a Girl's Room and a Bedroom typical for the period of the 20th century.

Museum-house of Bora Stankovic
The house of the famous Vranje writer who marked Serbian realism has been turned into a museum today. It was built around 1855 at the request and investment of Bora's grandmother Zlata, who is also, so to speak, a symbol of "old" Vranje. Although he sold Bora after moving to Belgrade, the city later bought the house and made it a cultural asset in 1967. Personal exhibits of Borisav Stankovic and his family are exhibited for the visitors, such as furniture, grandmother Zlatin loom, Bora's snuffbox, books, suitcase and photographs.
The guest room, which as a rule should be the most beautiful in every house, is set according to the description from Bora's short story "Uvela ruza".

Gallery of the National Museum in Vranje
The gallery was founded in 1995. It was opened with an exhibition called "Everyone", which features works of art by all artists of Vranje, as well as an ethnological exhibition "Gold Embroidery".

Museum opening hours and additional information
Due to the ongoing reconstruction, the National Museum is not open to visitors. However, you can visit the Museum-House of Bora Stankovic and the Gallery of the National Museum.
In addition, various other events are organized by the National Museum, such as lectures, forums and workshops. You can inquire about additional activities at the museum.
Work hour:
  • The National Museum:
currently closed to visitors due to renovations
  • Bora Stanković Museum-House:
Mondays 8 - 15h
from Tuesday to Friday 8 am - 8 pm
weekends 9 - 13h
  • National Museum Gallery:
Mondays 8 - 15h
from Tuesday to Friday 8 am - 8 pm
on weekends 10 am - 2 pm

Where are the museums located and how to get to them?

National Museum - Pionirska 1
Museum-house of Bora Stanković - Baba Zlatina 9
Gallery of the National Museum - November 29 bb

  • The National Museum and Gallery are located in the center of Vranje.
  • Bora Stanković's house is a 10-minute walk from the National Museum, on Kralja Stefana Prvovenčanog Street.
  • If you decide to call a taxi, you can do so via the phone numbers of some of the taxi associations in the city.
Halo taxi 063 / 7-400-400; OK Taxi 061 / 4201-111; My Taxi 017 7101101


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