Manastir Prohor Pčinjski

Klenike, Vranje

Prohor Pcinjski Monastery - Basic information

At a distance of 30 kilometers from Vranje, at the foot of the Kozjak mountain, surrounded by forests and the river Pcinja, a building over nine centuries old rises. It is about the monastery of Prohor Pcinjski, the endowment of the Byzantine emperor Roman Diogenes.

History of the monastery
The founder of the monastery was the Byzantine emperor Roman IV Diogenes, who, according to tradition, erected this building in honor of Saint Prohor Pcinjski, who prophesied to him that he would become emperor. However, this area, and the monastery with it, did not remain in Byzantine rule for long, but passed into the hands of Stephen the First-Crowned during the wars between 1180 and 1190.
The monastery was demolished and rebuilt many times, it was destroyed under the rule of the Turks, but the rulers always returned to this building and rebuilt it.

Appearance of the monastery
The monastery has undergone many changes over the centuries, and each of its restorers has woven its own trace into it. In its complex there are two lodgings, one of which, the so-called. "Vranje lodge", is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of this type in Serbia. Remains of the foundations of the original church, which was built in the 10th century, can also be seen in the gate. The current monastery church was built in 1898.

Chapel of St. Prohor Pcinjski
Despite all the changes it has experienced, the chapel of Saint Prohor Pcinjski has been preserved in the monastery in its original appearance. It contains the relics of a saint, but also an opening from which a miraculous myrrh springs. The tomb contains the oldest preserved icons related to this monastery.

Where is the monastery located and how to get there
The Prohor Pcinjski Monastery is located in Klenike, 30 kilometers south of Vranje, towards the border with Northern Macedonia.
  • From Vranje can be reached by car in 45 minutes, via Ristovac, Zbevac and Opančevac.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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