Markovo kale - basic information

Izdingnt on a hill, just 4 kilometers north of Vranje, is a site that represents the remains of a medieval fortress. Although the name connects him with Marko Kraljevic, who is believed to have lived there, this area has even greater historical and cultural significance.
Namely, archaeological research has shown that there is evidence of life from the prehistoric period. It is believed that the city that once existed here was built by Emperor Justinian I, in the VI century.

Marko Kraljevic and Kale
Due to its strategic position, at 750 meters above sea level, this was a perfect place for fortification. According to the legend, Marko Kraljevic used him to defend Vranje, which was entrusted to him, from the Turks. From the 13th to the 15th century, it appeared in the writings and documents of that time, only to be completely forgotten later. However, legends have been preserved that speak of Marko Kraljević's stay in this place, as well as the origin of the names of the mountains that surround him - Plackovica and Krstilovica.

Prehistoric city
Although a large number of sites in Vranje are associated with the period of Ottoman rule, these ruins represent traces of a much earlier period. Even Vranje itself is first mentioned in the 11th century. Despite that, traces of life dating back to, potentially, the 6th century have been found in this area. Archaeological excavations from the period of 2003 brought to light evidence of the existence of Byzantine fortresses, which were abandoned during the Huns' attacks in the 6th century.

Orderliness and accessibility
There are many stories, beliefs and assumptions that line up around this fortification, but there is no exact data on when exactly it was built, when it was demolished, and what exactly it looked like.
Unfortunately, the research has stopped, and this site, although under the protection of the city, is not maintained by anyone.
However, that should not stop you from visiting it in small groups and see for yourself how important this place has been for human civilization over time.

Where is Markovo kale and how to get there

The remains of the fortress are located 4 km north of Vranje, on the old road Vranje-Leskovac, in the gorge of the City River.
  • It can be reached by car from Vranje in 15 minutes, via Vranje-Vlase-Mijovce.
From Belgrade, you would have to set aside 3 and a half hours on the A1 motorway.
  • You can also call a taxi that will take you from Vranje
Halo taxi 063 / 7-400-400; OK Taxi 061 / 4201-111; My Taxi 017 7101101


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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