Saborna Crkva Vranje

Dositejeva, Vranje

Cathedral in Vranje - the most important information

The Cathedral Church in Vranje is the largest Orthodox church in this city, and at the same time the seat of the Vranje Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is located in the central part of Vranje, near many other landmarks of the city, such as the National Museum, Pasha's residence, City Park.

History of Cathedral in Vranje
The construction of the church began in 1838, and was completed in 1841. One of the most important founders was Haji-Mihailo Pogacarevic, but also Pasha Husein from Vranje. Unfortunately, the Turkish population did not accept the news that he was helping to build an Orthodox church, so on Savior's Day in 1834, a number of Turkish people robbed Christians and desecrated churches, including the Cathedral, by demolishing three minarets and a roof and burning the metropolis.
The temple was renovated in 1858 with the help of the inhabitants of Vranje, who donated money but also personally helped to complete the construction.

The appearance of the church

The church was built as a three-nave basilica surrounded by porches on three sides. A large part of the iconostasis and icons that are in the church were painted by Dmitar Krtevic-Dich, the most famous icon painter of Macedonia of that time.

How to get to the Cathedral in Vranje?
The church is located in Dositejeva Street, within the main city center.
  • It will take you less than 10 minutes on foot from the City Park to reach it, on Kneza Milosa and Zike Jovanovica Spanca streets.
  • The church can be reached by car in 5 minutes, along Partizanska, Makedonska and Vule Antica streets.
  • Vehicles of some of the taxi associations are also available to you
Halo taxi 063 / 7-400-400; OK Taxi 061 / 4201-111; My Taxi 017 7101101

Additional information
To enter the church, it is necessary to be properly dressed, with covered shoulders and without short clothes.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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