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Bascarsija - the most important information

Baščaršija is a symbol of the city of Sarajevo and if you are ever near it, it would be a great pity to bypass it! It was built in the 15th century, during the time of Isa-beg Isaković, who founded the whole of Sarajevo. Its name comes from the Turkism bash (main) and the bazaar (which meant the commercial part of the city). Today's Baščaršija is, unfortunately, twice smaller than it used to be, due to a large fire in the 19th century. However, despite all the hardships and weather, this part of the city has managed to preserve its spirit and therefore continue to attract a large number of visitors.

History and characteristics of Bascarsija
Baščaršija is located on the northern bank of the river Miljacka. It houses several important historical buildings, such as the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and the Clock Tower. Baščaršija was founded in 1462 when Isa-beg built a khan and a large number of shops next to it. At the time, most Sarajevo residents lived in the vicinity of the mosque. That is why the already mentioned fugitive built a bridge over Miljacka in order to connect the main Sarajevo settlement and the new economic center of the city, Baščaršija. Today, this place is the main tourist attraction of Sarajevo, which will delight you with its contents and remind you of some bygone times. Here are some of the most famous sights of Sarajevo and in this part of the city you can enjoy the most delicious kebabs, baklava or the best burek and coffee.

Sebilj - the central town of Bascarsija
Sebilj is another symbol of the city of Sarajevo. According to legend: whoever drinks water from one of Sarajevo's fountains will want to visit this city again. This famous fountain was built in 1753 in the central place of Baščaršija, which still has a large number of shops full of goods, so there will be something for every visitor. When you are in this place, it will seem to you that you are in Istanbul and you will only wonder why you have not visited it before ?!

How to get to Bascarsija?
Baščaršija is about 4 km away from the main bus station in Sarajevo, so it is best to get to this popular tourist place by transport.
  • Call a taxi service that will take you safely to your desired destination. Yellow Taxi +387 33 663-555 or Sarajevo Taxi +387 33 660-666 will be at your disposal.
  • There is another option, and that is the tram (you will arrive in about 40 minutes via Kranjčevićeva Street)