Olimpijske sarajevske planine

Lukavac, Sarajevo

Olympic Sarajevo Mountains - the most important information

The city of Sarajevo boasts many natural resources, so you can visit one of the Olympic mountains, where you can relax and participate in many interesting activities. These are the mountains: Trebević, Igman, Bjelašnica and Jahorina, which you can easily reach from the center of Sarajevo. When you get to these locations, forget all your problems, relax and enjoy the fresh air and magical images, which will leave you speechless!

Characteristics of the Olympic Mountains
Numerous competitions were held in the Sarajevo mountains, such as bobsled and sledding competitions on Trebević or ski jumping, running and biathlon on Igman.
  • Bjelasnica and Igman - are located only 25 km from Sarajevo. Most of the competition of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in alpine and Nordic disciplines and jumping was held on these mountains. Bjelasnica and Igman are an ideal place for all visitors who are looking for recreation and active winter vacation. Great hotels will be at your disposal here, where you will feel at home. There are also ski trails, which start from the top of Bjelašnica (2067 m) to Babino dol (1266 m).
  • Trebevic - this mountain is the closest to Sarajevo and is a true oasis of peace. It is ideal for hiking and recreational walks. On this mountain you can see the remains of Olympic facilities such as a bobsled track or an old cable car.
  • Jahorina - is about 30 kilometers away from the center of Sarajevo. Numerous hotels and mountain houses await you there. The highest peak of Jahorina is Ogorjelica, whose height is 1916 meters. Today, there are 20 km of ski trails on this mountain, as well as 6 cable cars and ski lifts. The trails on Jahorina are ideal for beginners, so if you do not have much experience in skiing, learn all its secrets on this mountain.
How to get to the Sarajevo mountains?
It is best to reach the Sarajevo Olympic Mountains by car or call a taxi service.
  • Car: if you start from the center of Sarajevo, the nearest mountain will be Trebević, while you will travel the longest to Jahorina (about half an hour via M5).
  • Taxi service: indulge in the best carriers and enjoy your vacation. We recommend: Yellow Taxi +387 33 663-555, Sarajevo Taxi +387 33 660-666 or Yellow Cab +387 33 663-555.
Prices in the Sarajevo mountains
Sarajevo's Olympic Mountains boast affordable prices. Thus, the price of a daily ski pass for adults on Bjelasnica and Igman is 30 convertible marks, while a seven-day ticket is 180 marks. On Jahorina, you can expect much lower prices in restaurants, with a variety of food and flavors that you will remember for a long time.