Stara Varoš Podgorica

Stara Varoš, Podgorica

Stara Varos - The most important information

The Stara Varos is part of the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica. It is located on the left bank of the river Ribnica. The name Stara Varos was established after the construction of a new part of the city in the 19th century. This place was the core of Podgorica during the Ottoman rule. The Sahat-kula, mosques from the Ottoman era, balconies, narrow streets and buildings more than a century old, make the Old Town one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

History of the Stara Varos
The Stara Varos was the center of old Podgorica during the Turkish rule from 1474 until 1879. The Turkish fortress of Depedogen, better known to the people as Ribnica, used to be located in the town. Ribnica was an important medieval fortress in Podgorica, at the mouth of the Ribnica in Moraca. It contains many other architectural and historically important monuments and buildings.

What to see in the Stara Varos?
  • Sahat-kula - One of the oldest symbols of the city and a typical example of Ottoman architecture. It is located on Becir Square - Beg Osmanagcć in the settlement of Stara Varos in Podgorica. This tower is one of the few buildings that survived the bombing in World War II. It was built in 1667 by the Turkish vizier Haji Mehmed-pasha Osmanagic. It is believed that the clock on the tower was ordered directly from Italy.
  • Mosques - Skender Causeva-Starodoganjska mosque dates from the 15th century. It was built by Skender Caus. In the courtyard of this mosque are important institutions: the premises of the Board of the Islamic Community for Podgorica and the Meshihat of the Islamic Community in Montenegro. Osmanagic mosque, was built by Hajji Hafiz-pasha Osmanagić.
  • Old hamam - The old hamam is one of the most important examples of oriental culture and architecture. The appearance changed over time, depending on the era that followed. Somewhat later, throughout history, it was turned into a public bathroom. Today it is located under the new bridge on Ribnica.
  • Kardljevic Cardak - This house is one of the oldest houses in Podgorica. It is believed that it was built either at the end of the sixteenth and the beginning of the seventeenth or in 1826 during the time of the Turks. The exact data is not known. However, the house was renovated and completely renovated at the initiative of the Islamic Community of Montenegro.
How to get to the Stara Varos?
It is not difficult to get to the Stara Varos, because it is located in Podgorica, and some of the ways are:
  • By car - From the very center of Podgorica, more precisely from Nova Varos, it is possible to reach the magical Stara Varos by car. The distance is less than 1 km, and the ride takes only 4 minutes. Take Sloboda Street and Kralja Nikola Street through Kraljev Park and at the first crossroads turn right into Spira Mugose Street. If you want, you can continue straight at the intersection. After theSahat-kule, which will be on your right, turn first into the right, into Petra Prlje Street. This street takes you to your destination.
  • By foot- It is possible to reach the town on foot along King Nikola Street. It takes about 12 minutes of easy walking.
  • By bus - Depending on the part of the city you are in, you can reach Stara Varoš by the following bus lines: 2-3, 6, 8.


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  • Brige
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