City Museum in Podgorica - The most important information

The Museum of the City of Podgorica is located in the building of the former Graphic Institute (printing house), which was built after the Second World War. The City Museum in Podgorica was built in 1959. It was created by merging the Modern Gallery and the Risto Stijovic Gallery in 1974. It contains various archeological, cultural-historical, ethnographic and historical collections of great importance.

What to see in the City Museum in Podgorica?
The various materials in the museum allow the exhibition to be set up in four parts. Archaeological material dating from the 3rd century AD is especially relevant. Archaeological material from the Duklja site testifies that the culture of civilization at that time was expressed in this area. Cultural and historical processes in the period from the 16th to the 20th century are depicted on icons and other religious objects, jewelry and objects from everyday life. Special attention is paid to objects related to the life and work of the printer Bozidar Vukovic. The museum also exhibits ethnographic objects from the beginning of the 18th century until the first decades of the 20th century.

Working hours and ticket prices of the City Museum in Podgorica
Opening hours are every day from 09.00-20.00, except Mondays when the museum is closed. Ticket price depends on age. The price of tickets for adults is 1 EUR, while the price for children is 0.5 EUR.

How to get to the City Museum in Podgorica?
The Museum of the City of Podgorica is located at 4 Marka Miljanova Street. You can reach it in the following ways:
  • By foot - From the center of Podgorica to the City Museum of Podgorica can be reached on foot. The distance between them is 350 m. You only need 5 minutes for this easy walk. From Marka Miljanova Street, turn left onto Novaka Miloseva Street. At the very corner of the street is the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro. Continue straight on to the next intersection and on the left you will see the Official Gazette of Montenegro, then the museum.
  • By bus - Depending on which part of the city you are in, you can reach the museum by the following lines of public transport: 2-3, 8.
  • By taxi - Halo Taxi 19700, PG Taxi 19740, Lux Taxi 19704.
Additional information
Information on group visits and guided tours can be found on the Museum's website, but also by calling +382 20 242 543, as well as by sending an email to


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