Sastavci - The most important information

Sastavci or better known by the name Skaline are at the confluence of the Ribnica and Moraca river.  This place really is very popular among the population of Podgorica, because this is the place of gathering mostly young.  Some journalists this place also called a symbol of timeless beauty, romance, and ancient times.  Sastavci are located near the center of Podgorica and one of its most recognizable symbol for decades.

History of Sastavci
Historical data indicate that in mid 15th century Podgorica falling under Turkish rule, and that in the period from 1474 until 1477, a fortress Depedogen was built.  Over time this name is lost, but in the 16th century, the name Podgorica appears.  In ancient times at the place where city Skalina existed, there was a station wagon called Birziminijum.  Station wagon over time grew into a city, because of developed trade, and crafts.  So then actually Sastavci and the bridge Sastavci became the nucleus from which developed Podgorica.

The importance of Sastavci
Although at first glance you can not tell what is actually the value of bridge at the confluence of two rivers, it can confirm historical sources.  Few people know that this is exactly the place where the capital city of Montenegro was born.  Sastavci also once a year have a particularly important religious function.  At the estuary, on the day of Epiphany, people jump and swim out for the holy cross.

The appearance of Sastavci
Sastavci are hiding the beauty of the past times.  One of the oldest bridges in Podgorica has old  walls, stairs, and memorial radio-telegraph station built by the French in the First World War.  All this in a way adorns a popular place and gives him a soul.

How to reach to Sastavci?
To these attractions can be reached:
  •  By car - By car from the center of Podgorica it takes only 2 minutes to get there, because the distance from the center is 700 meters. From Sloboda Street you can turn to your first right  and then go to the street Karadjordje till the end.  Then turn left and right in front of you will be Sastavci.  Possible other path is to go from the Street Sloboda on the second right and to the Boulevard Sveti Petar Cetinjski, when you will reach Sastavci.
  •  By foot - If you prefer to walk, and in the same time look around the city, to this attraction you can reach in 8 minutes walk from the center of Podgorica. From Sloboda street to Karadjordje street  and Boulevard Stanka Dragojevica, you can reach Sastavci or via the Boulevard Svetog Petra Cetinjskog.
  •  By bus - Depending on what part of town you are in, you can do Sastavci reached by public transport: 2-3, 8.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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