Solila Tivat - The most important information

Solila Tivat is located between Tivat Airport and the Lustica Peninsula. This place used to be a source of precious salt, and today it is the only bird reserve in Grabaljsko polje. The Solila area has been protected since 2007 and is the temporary home of as many as 114 bird species. It is possible to visit this oasis of peace and untouched nature, and the entrance is free! If you are interested in birds or you are a passionate lover of untouched nature and natural oases, this place is perfect for you.

History Solila Tivat
The Solila area was formed by the deposition of sediments in the Kolasin and Siroka river basins, but also under human influence. It had a very turbulent history. Writings dating back to the Middle Ages confirm that the saltworks existed. The writings emphasize the great importance of this place for the economy of Kotor. It used to be worth more than gold and was obtained in a specific way. Salt production accounted for more than 80% of Kotor's income. It is believed that even the Illyrians used Tivat salt, and that in the Roman period the saltworks itself could have been built.

Significance Solila Tivat
The Solile area has been a protected area since 2007. The influence of the proximity of the sea, shallow salt water and specific vegetation are very important for the saltworks. For these reasons, this has become a temporary habitat for 114 bird species. That is how Montenegro found itself on the map of world protected areas. More than 526 bird species have been registered in Europe, while more than 20% of the total number of European ornithophan species is found in this area. She salted the home of herons, ducks, flamingos, owls, chamois, black ibis, waterfowl, yellow shepherdess, but also an unusual mushroom known as Blue Velvet. Also, the smallest frog lives here - Gatalinka. Solila is the first floristic-faunistic nature reserve in Montenegro. And it is really a miracle that it exists today, because waste has been collected here for some time.

How to reach Solila Tivat?
You can come to this amazing natural phenomenon:
  • By car - The special nature reserve can be reached by the local road Tivat-Radovici, which is connected with the Adriatic Highway, but also with the surrounding cities such as Budva, Tivat and Kotor. From the airport in Tivat, Solila is 7 km away, while from the airport Podgorica is 85 km away. If you start from Tivat from the main post office, go along Palih Boraca Street to the end, then turn right onto the Jadranska Highway which will take you to your destination in 12 minutes. Before the airport and the bus station, turn off the highway to the right and continue along Aerodromska Street.
  • By foot - It is possible to reach Solila on foot. The distance is about 5.4 km, and you need a little more than an hour of easy walking. The road is practically the same: From Palih Boraca Street to the Jadranska Highway, to Aerodromska Street which leads you to Solila.
Additional information
Birds should be observed in silence, without disturbance, because bird watching consists of two phases: bird watching and listening to the sounds they produce. Birds can be observed with the naked eye, but binoculars are most often used, and in rare cases binoculars. Therefore, we recommend that you bring binoculars and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Admission is free.