Flower Island - The most important information

Flower Island is both an island and a peninsula, although it seems really amazing. The island is connected by a kind of coating, until it is submerged by the tide. The island of flowers is 300 m long and 200 m wide. It is one of the three islands that form a unique series in the Bay of Kotor, more precisely in the Bay of Tivat. It houses the Serbian Orthodox Church of Archangel Mihailo.

History of the Island of Flowers

The island of flowers or Miholjska prevlaka got its name because of the numerous and diverse flora. The island used to be full of flowers, palm trees, olive trees, so many call it the Island of Scents. Lush vegetation was the cause of the emergence and lush fauna. The name Miholjska prevlaka was given in the part of the old monastery of the Archangel Mihailo, built in the 6th century. In the 13th century, the monastery spread to the entire island. This area has been a religious stronghold throughout history. The Metohija of the monastery of the Holy Archangel Mihailo stretched in this part. The eastern side of the bay was part of Travunija, and Kotor with Boka and Grblja, in the last century belonged to the Serbian rulers. So, there was a monastery on the island, after which the whole island got its name, and Saint Sava determined this area as the seat of the Zeta episcopate. The monastery was destroyed in the middle of the 15th century, and legend has it that the monks were poisoned in a political conspiracy and that the Venetian navy destroyed the monastery with cannons and mines. The relics of the martyrs are preserved today.

What to see on Flower Island?
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity - Island of Flowers has great religious significance. This island has been a stronghold of the Serbian Orthodox Church for centuries. The Church of the Holy Trinity is located on Miholjska Prevlaka, as it is another name for the Island of Flowers. It is a single-nave church with a rosette on the west facade of the entrance portal, while below it are fragments of plastic. It was built by Katarina Vlastelinovic.
How to get to Flower Island?
You can come to this special phenomenon:
  • By car - If you start from Tivat from the main post office, go along Palih Boraca Street to the end, then turn right onto the Jadranska Highway which will take you to your destination. Before the airport and the bus station, turn off the highway to the right and continue along Aerodromska Street, then turn first onto the right. The destination will be in front of you, and you will pass by Kalardovo beach. The ride takes about 10 minutes.
  • By foot - It is possible to reach the Island of Flowers on foot. The distance is about 5.3 km, and you need a little more than an hour of easy walking. The road is practically the same: From Palih Boraca Street to Jadranska Highway, then to Aerodromska Street where you turn first right next to Kalardovo beach.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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