Brdo Vrmac

Vrmac, Tivat

Vrmac Hill - The most important information

Vrmac is a mountain in Montenegro, and there is a peninsula of the same name, above the Bay of Kotor. Vrmac is 8 km long and 5 km wide. The highest peak of this mountain is the peak of Sveti Ilija, 785 m high. Other important peaks are: Velji vrh (712 m), Cisti vrh (616 m), Popova Glava (584 m) and Sveti Vid (440 m). This mountain is actually a branch of the mountain Lovcen and is located between the Bay of Kotor and Tivat. It descends to the Verige Pass in the west. Its slopes offer an incredibly beautiful view of the entire bay, and the terrain is ideal for walking tours and cycling. The mountain is rich in sources of fresh and clean drinking water.

Significance of Vrmac?

In the past, Vrmac has played a significant strategic role. The border between the Ottoman Empire and the Venetian Republic passed through Verige, so it is not surprising that there are many remains of buildings that were built to defend the borders. An important tunnel, 1,637 m long, was dug through Vrmac, connecting Kotor with the Adriatic Highway and the rest of Montenegro. However, a rich cultural heritage is preserved here, which testifies to the history of this region.

What to see on Vrmac?
In addition to being one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Montenegro, at this hill awaits you:
  • Vrmac Fortress - On the slopes of the mountain branch of Lovcen called Vrmac, be sure to visit the fortress of the same name. Vrmac Fortress was built at the end of the 19th century as a defense of the Austro-Hungarian port in Boka. Until the First World War, it was rearranged and differently armed several times. Vrmac was damaged during the shelling from Lovcen. After the First World War, the fortress was abandoned. Today, this is one of the favorite attractions of passionate lovers of hiking and mountain biking, because it is located on the road to the highest peak of the mountain. A few years ago, it was the home of a monk who painted frescoes on the walls of the fortress.
How to get to Vrmac?
The mountain can be reached by the following:
  • By car - If you came to Tivat by car, we suggest you climb to the top of the mountain Vrmac. If you do not like to walk a lot, it is possible to reach Vrmac by car via the Jadranska Highway. The road is not so demanding and it takes only 25 minutes from the main post office in Tivat to the mountain itself. Take II Dalmatinska Street to join the Jadranska Highway. Take the highway all the way to Donja Lastava, where you turn off the right at the Sports Fields parking lot. This winding road takes you past the church of Our Lady all the way to one part of Vrmac.
  • By foot - If you still prefer to walk, the road to Vrmac is also possible. For that, you need to set aside an hour and a half in one direction, and our recommendation is not to go in the heat, but choose a little colder days for this adventure. There are several roads, one of which is used by cars, the Jadranska Highway to Donja Lastava. The second road leads directly from Tivat along Tripovici Street, next to the Church of St. Anthony. This street continues to Radovici Street where you turn right on the other, Peani Street. To your right will be the Catholic Church and then you will know you are on the right track. This road leads to the destination.