Gospa od Anđela Tivat

Verige, Tivat

Gospa od Andjela Tivat - The most important information

Gospa od Andjela is a church located at the top of the Veriga Strait, not far from the ferry in Lepetani. This destination is extremely attractive and popular because it is called the reception of nautical and cruise tourism in the Bay of Kotor. The church is fortified and represents a protected cultural object and certainly a beautiful and rare example of this type of church architecture. It is celebrated in the Catholic religious calendar on August 2.

History of Gospa od Andjela Tivat
Scholars believe that the church is much older than the years carved on the walls: 1585 and 1654. It is assumed that these are the years when the church was renovated. In 1585, ramparts were built around the church and used as loopholes. The southern cape then became an extremely important strategic place in charge of defending the city. In 1654, it was rebuilt for the second time, after the church was destroyed during the Turkish attack on Perast. The last major renovation was in 2015 on the initiative of the Bujkovic brothers from Grblja.

How to get to Gospa od Andjela Tivat?
It is possible to reach Gospa od Andjela:
  • By car - If you want to visit this monumental temple of tranquility, by car you will need only 10 minutes. From the main post office in Tivat, take Palih Boraca Street to the end, then turn left and join the Jadranska Highway. The highway takes you along the coast near Seljanov, Donja Lastava, Lepetan all the way to the destination. Gospa od Andjela will be on your left.
  • By foot - The same route of 6.5 km can be crossed on foot. This walk will take you an hour and 15 minutes one way.
Additional information
Be properly trained during the visit. Entry is not allowed in strapless T-shirts, shorts, slippers or short skirts.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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