Stari Grad Budva

Stari Grad, Budva

Old Town Budva - The most important information

According to historical sources, Old Town is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic. Knowledge about it dates back two and a half thousand years, back in history when this place was known as the city of Illyria. The Old Town forms a unique architectural and urban ensemble, surrounded by medieval ramparts, towers, and gates. It is an unavoidable stop for all visitors to Budva, and the locals still call it the heart of Budva.

History of the Old Town Budva
We have already mentioned that Budva is the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. It was first mentioned in the 5th century under the name Buthoa. It is believed to have been founded by the Phoenician prince Cadmus when he left Thebes with his wife. The fortified city also existed in the area of ​​the Old Town in antiquity. The Old Town was built on a small peninsula, surrounded by ramparts. It was badly damaged in the 1979 earthquake but was completely rebuilt. It has managed to preserve its distinctive appearance, Venetian style, narrow streets, stone houses, historical sights, and cultural monuments.

What to see in the Old Town Budva?
There are important cultural and historical monuments in the Old Town. The most important sights you should not miss are:
  • The citadel - the medieval fortress of St. Mary, is one of the monumental buildings in Montenegro. It was first mentioned in 1425 and was built to protect Budva from attacks from the sea.
  • An ancient necropolis - was discovered in 1938 on the site of today's Hotel Avala. The oldest parts of the necropolis date from the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC.
  • Santa Maria in Punta - a former Benedictine monastery, dates from the 9th century when it was built by monarchs on the cape.
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity - an Orthodox church built in 1804, is a combination of unique architecture and art.
  • Archaeological Museum - opened in 2003, it contains Greek, Byzantine, and Slavic culture artifacts.
How to get to the Old Town in Budva?
The Old Town is located near the famous Mogren Beach. You can reach it by car or on foot.
  • By car - from the center of Budva you can reach the Old Town by Mediteranska Street. Across from the Voli supermarket, there is a parking lot where you can leave your car and walk around the Old Town.
  • On foot - from the center of Budva to the Old Town, you could follow Main Mediterranean Street or the promenade along the beach next to the Hotel Budva, then Majestic, all the way to the Mogren Hotel, where the Old Town begins.