Miločerski park

Milocer, Budva

Milocer Park - The most important information

Milocer is a small village, 6 kilometers away from Budva. In the past, Milocer was the royal residence of the Karadjordjevic family. Today, it is one of the most esteemed Montenegrin summer resorts, where the summer residence of the President of Montenegro is located. Just 500 meters from the park is the most luxurious summer resort in the Mediterranean, Sveti Stefan.

Characteristics of Milocer Park
Milocer Park covers an area of ​​18 hectares. It is made in the French style, with a sharp tree line, bright colors, and the beauty of various plants of the tropical flora. The park has plants imported from Asia, Africa, and America. Rare plants such as tropical mimosa, Lebanese cedar, Japanese medlar, magnolia, agave, and cacti of various species grow in natural conditions.

The most beautiful places around Milocerski Park
Only 500 meters from Milocerski Park is the Sveti Stefan Island, the most important tourist spot in Montenegro. Also in this area is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches Queen's Beach, which is known for its coast where there are cypresses and olive trees.

How to get to Milocer Park?
  • By car - from Budva it takes about 15 minutes drive. Most of the ride is on the E65 / E80 highway.
  • By bus - every day city buses run from Budva to the Sveti Stefan peninsula. Buses leave every ten minutes and stop at Milocerski Park.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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